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Character Information
Portrayed by Alfre Woodard
Name: Ursula Shacklebolt
Birthday: October 11
Position: Barrister
Lineage: Half-blood


A handsome woman, with dark caramel skin and an air of quiet dignity, Ursula Shacklebolt stands out only as and when she desires to. And when she does? It's with the expectation of rapt attention. Calculating dark eyes beneath thin, arching brows imply an expression of almost impatient inquiry, which is likely only the case some of the time. Her near-black hair is worn short, yet attractively styled, with a fashionable fringe sweeping across her forehead. Full lips, prettily stained and glossed, can give way to either a charismatic smile or a curl of distaste, depending on the subject.

Of average height and curvaceous build, Ursula chooses her attire with obvious care and attention to details - her formal robes today are of soft ebon wool, unremarkable save for the expert tailoring that has them drape with elegance about her form, rather than simply swamping her. A pair of golden earrings offer a touch of feminine glamour, too.



  • Relentless
  • Patient
  • Wine Connoisseur
  • Wealth: Rich

RP Hooks

  • A prominent barrister working for the Wizengamot Administration Services.
  • Has a fierce reputation in the courtroom.
  • Has prosecuted quite a few high-profile criminals (including Magnus Troy).


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Ursula's dogged determination was a major factor in putting Magnus in Azkaban.


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