Character Information
Portrayed by Veronika Vernadskaya
Name: Valda Rozenblats
Aliases: Val
Birthday: November 16, 1921
Position: Waitress at the White Wyvern
Lineage: Pure-blood


A pixie-faced young woman with pale skin, heart shaped pink lips, and golden hair reaching past her shoulders. Her large, blue-green eyes might have once given her the appearance of innocence, but now there is a haunted look in them. She is willowy and light of frame, moving silently with catlike grace.


In the rural countryside of Latvia is the remote Rožu Ziedlapiņas Vineyard, owned for centuries by the Rozenblats wizarding family. Rožu Ziedlapiņas is a magical wine, reputed for its flowery aroma and soothing qualities. The Rozenblatses are not a wealthy family, but they make a modest living from their product, and live comfortably on their secluded land.


Valda was born in the family home, the third of what would be five children. Her parents, Vilhelms and Madara, doted upon her until her little brother was born. When her younger sister came along, Valda was truly the middle child, and it became a constant struggle to vie for attention and prove her worth. She found some relief when she was finally sent to Durmstrang, as there she was on a more even playing field. There, her competitive habits helped her shine and excel quickly. She loved the praise she received for her efforts. The approval of her professors became her primary concern.

When Headmaster Helstrom formed the Magijugend, she was first in line to join up. The Headmaster was a firm supporter of Grindelwald, therefore she should be, too. She was among the first to be made an Overseer, and became a mentor to many younger students. In 1938, when the Triwizard Tournament was hosted at Durmstrang, she was one of the few students informed of the plans to capture the champions of the other schools. Her squad of Magijugend intercepted the Hogwarts entourage as they attempted to escape the castle, and a battle broke out. In the heat of that conflict, she found herself face to face with a Hogwarts student, and she unleashed a Killing Curse at him. But at the last moment, the student's twin brother, who happened to be the Hogwarts Champion, pushed his brother aside and took the curse himself.


Her act of murder earned her praise from Headmaster Helstrom, and even from Gellert Grindelwald himself. But for the first time in her life, the approval was unwelcome. Something died inside her when she look Leander's life, and she has felt its absence ever since. She didn't dare let on just how much that moment had shattered her faith in the Greater Good. But as time passed, she felt more and more strongly that she had to escape the Hell she had helped to create. She formed a friendship with Armando Dippet, who was a captive of Durmstrang, and together they concocted a plan for both of them to escape. With its successful execution, she defected to Great Britain, and enrolled in Hogwarts to finish her schooling, where she was sorted into Ravenclaw.

Valda's time at Hogwarts wasn't exactly pleasant. Though a few people were willing to allow her a second chance, most of the student body saw her as the Dark witch that murdered their champion. Some of them even witnessed the act themselves. Valda never lashed back at the disgust, taking it all as penance for her crime. She did her best to keep her head down and just get through the remainder of the year so she could fade into obscurity.

After graduation, the Ministry of Magic provided her with a small stipend to live on while she tried to establish a new life for herself in Britain. But that wouldn't last forever, and Valda had great difficulty finding employment. It isn't easy to get a job when you're one of the most reviled witches in the country. Eventually she turned to a man that she believed would overlook her dark past: Cyril Malfoy. He was one of those that she inadvertently roped into rescuing her and Dippet from Durmstrang, and he also happened to be the owner of a seedy bar on Knockturn Alley called the White Wyvern. As she hoped, Cyril took her on as a waitress. It isn't anything close to a dream job, and puts Valda in the vicinity of exactly the kind of people she'd like to avoid, but it's a living.


Eight and three-quarters inches, hawthorn, solid, with a dragon heartstring core.


Valda pushes herself hard, as if she's got something to prove.
The spectres of her past follow her everywhere. She cannot forget the things she has done, nor can she seem to forgive herself.
Sucker for Poetry
Some well-written prose can melt her heart.
Dark Corruption
Valda's soul has been tainted by her use of Dark magic.

RP Hooks

  • Valda was the Durmstrang girl that cast the Killing Curse on Leander during the 1938 Triwizard Tournament.
    • Her infamy has made it difficult for her in Great Britain. Though the Ministry has officially pardoned her, she is still hated by most British wizards who realise who she is.
  • Due to her upbringing, Valda has an interest in, and knowledge of, wines and spirits.
  • Valda has a deep love of poetry and American jazz.
  • Defected to Great Britain and enrolled at Hogwarts in November of 1939, graduating later that school year in 1940.
  • Are you the disreputable sort that frequents the White Wyvern Pub? Valda is a barmaid there.


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The Malfoy man is Valda's employer, and one of those she inadvertently abducted to Durmstrang to be her rescuer. So far he has treated her well, and seems unbothered by the dark deeds of her past.


During the former Hogwarts Headmaster's time as a hostage of Durmstrang, Valda formed a friendship with him and became instrumental in helping him and the other hostages escape.


Valda is uncomfortable about Pete, but he keeps her safe while she's on the job. It's hard to think poorly of a monster that keeps other monsters away.


Valda and Samira have some things in common. Both are foreign girls, and both have a history with the Dark Arts. Perhaps that is why they were both able to let down their walls so easily. Samira drew out the first genuine smile and laugh that Valda has had since she came to Hogwarts, and that is something she treasures.


Seamus is one of the few people that can claim to have seen Valda commit her grievous sin. Yet he has made overtures of welcome, in spite of his obvious discomfort. Valda isn't yet sure what to make of him.


Solstice came around the White Wyvern looking for Pete. She was kind to Valda, though she questions whether it was genuine, or just part of her effort to meet with the werewolf.





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