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The Harsh Light of Truth
Portrayed by Judi Dench
Name: Verita Hardwick
Aliases: Captain, Boss, the Widowmaker (among others)
Birthday: October 15, 1877
Position: Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Prophet
Lineage: Half-blood


This small-statured woman has a way of filling a woman with a formidable awe. Her short-cropped hair, broad shoulders, and squarish jaw might suggest a certain masculine quality, but she is the very manifestation of maternal fierceness. Despite her imposing presence, she is generally of calm demeanor, allowing her cutting tongue and stern eyes to convey her displeasure. But when she is jovial, she has a warm, grandmotherly way about her.


The Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Prophet is a champion of the truth, and she doesn't care who it might upset. A journalist to the core, she worked her way up from the bullpen to the top position at the wizarding newspaper, a title she has held for nearly twenty years. She runs a tight ship, and has strict expectations of her employees. Those that do not meet her standards know her as a tyrannical slave-drivers. Those that do recognize a strong captain of a mighty ship, which most are proud to crew.


  • Notoriously Honest
  • Famous
  • Workaholic
  • Wealth: Rich

RP Hooks

  • Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Prophet. Have an issue with something that was printed? She's the boss.
  • Famously dedicated to the truth, no matter who it offends.


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