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Shattered Ice Queen
Portrayed by Eva Green
Name: Veruca Angelica Max O'Shea
Aliases: Rue
Birthday: June 6, 1906
Position: Financial Consultant
Lineage: Pure-blood


Tall, slender and icy are words that sum up Veruca at a glance, but there is much more to this witch than meets the eye. Standing 5'9" in her bare feet, she has the willowy grace of a dancer when she moves. Raven hair is typically pulled back into a sleek chignon, but there are times, although rare, when it is allowed to fall loose to below her shoulders. Dark brows arch over equally dark eyes, a blue so deep and rich they appear black at times. Unblemished skin, straight nose, and full lips compliment her aristocratic background.

She is never seen looking anything other than impeccable. The latest fashions fill her closets and cling to her curvaceous figure. She favors black clothes and dark colors, not for any reasons of style, but because she detests spending time mixing and matching a wardrobe. Business is her thing, not clothes.


Veruca Angelica Max is the fourth of the seven children born to Divernia and Walthorn Max. A swelteringly hot day, June 6, 1906 saw the wrinkled, screaming little babe into the light of day, and directly out of her parent's sight, for the most part. All the Max children were brought up by nannies, taken care of by nurses, schooled by private tutors, and enjoyed a good, quality 48 hours or so with their parents in the course of a year. It's not that the children weren't loved. They were just rather bothersome and sometimes quite sticky. And being a branch of a wealthy, Pure-blood family did have it's social obligations, after all. No, Divernia and Walthorn took care of the really important matters, and left the children to others.

Raised on a private family estate near Pooley Bridge in the Lake District, the children barely noticed the absence of their parents, Veruca least of all. She was a solitary child, preferring her own company to that of anyone else in her family, headstrong and staunchly independent. Even when young, she seldom laughed aloud, but in her sixth year at Hogwarts, when one of the Slytherin prefects asked if she was ever happy, Veruca replied that she was never not happy. She very simply was.

Veruca's years away at school only served to widen the chasm she had willingly created between herself and her family, leading to a period of rebelliousness which showed in her class choice. Although she's no 'muggle lover', she has no strong feelings about their existence either way. At best, they are delightful playthings, and at worst their own worst enemy. But she knew it would rankle her parents, thus getting her even some small measure of their attention, if she took Muggle Studies. Not only did she take the class, but she excelled in it, and made it her goal to know as much about Muggles as any witch ever did. It was also while at Hogwarts that Veruca began to make sense of her personal relationship with numbers. Due to a condition called Synesthesia, she has always seen numbers as colors and in spatial-sequencing. This makes patterns easily identifiable and gives each number a distinct point in space, lower numbers appearing farther away, higher numbers closer. This idiosyncrasy makes anything dealing with numbers very easy for Veruca to comprehend and decipher.


Veruca's wand is 10", maple, with a kneazle whisker core.

With her shrewd mind and Muggle knowledge, Veruca spent many years after graduating from Hogwarts as a liaison between Gringott's and Muggle banks for those that could afford her services. She set her skills at a premium; what else would a Max do, after all? She did contracted work for many families, strictly confidentially, and eventually wound up in the employ of Zephyr Macnair, at Macnair Manufacturing. While their business relationship was successful, Veruca eventually left the employ of the company to return to working with clients, the young Macnair family being of primary importance.

It was in this transition that Veruca found herself in an unusual situation. Never one to form more than superficial relationships, especially not of a romantic nature, it was a surprise when a chance encounter in a wizard bar led to something more. Perhaps it was a kindred spirit seen in green eyes on that fateful night that led her to leave her calling card with the handsome healer, Keenan O'Shea. The encounter led to a date, which led to another, and before she had entirely realized it, Veruca was in love. Thankfully, Healer O'Shea found himself in the same predicament. The pair seemed to have been biding their time solely for the purpose of that chance encounter.

When an offer came from Stateside, extended by a client from her pre-Macnair days, it seemed a perfect opportunity to pad her bank account. Originally to be a month long trip, legal complications stretched the time into several months. At first, Rue and Keenan corresponded regularly, but then the letters began to taper off. Veruca thought her love must have found another in her absence. Surely others more versed in the matters of love would have sought answers, but Rue pulled inward once more, devastated by the feeling of abandonment. She had no idea that letters from both sides were being intercepted by her mother, in a bid to break up the horrible relationship Rue was having with a half-blood, and that Keenan must surely have thought the same of her.

With this development, Rue no longer saw a reason to push business to wrap up, and she lost herself in work in America for several more months. It wasn't until she returned home for the wedding of her youngest brother that another chance meeting happened. This time outside a shop in London's East End, on a rainy May afternoon, her ears were tickled by a whistle she still heard in her dreams. Cautious words soon gave way to realization that neither had had a change of heart. She didn't return to the family estate that night, and by the next morning the couple were complete once more, an emptiness that had settled into each of them dispelled. Keenan proposed marriage that very morning, Veruca accepted, and wedding plans commenced. Divernia is livid, all her efforts failed. Veruca is the happiest she has ever been, returned to the man that holds her heart.


  • Calculating
  • Reserved
  • Observant
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Synesthesia

RP Hooks

  • Independent Financial Consultant
  • Former Executive Assistant for Zephyr Macnair at Macnair Manufacturing
  • Pure-blood, well respected family
  • Recently returned from work in the US


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Husband, Ginger Enigma There are not words enough in the world. My love, my husband.


Daughter, Keenan and Veruca's first child, born 17 June, 1941.


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