Portrayed by Jimmy Pinchak
Name: Victor Lewis Proudmore
Aliases: Vic
Birthday: Dec 13, 1920
Position: R.C.M.C. Dragonologist
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Shining golden hair adorns this young man's head much like a halo in it's short, but tousled look. His eyes are a remarkably clear blue and are a stark contrast to the stunning white teeth that show easily when the boy smiles. His skin has a light tan, one of summer days swimming and relaxing. His slim but toned build just comes naturally to the boy. When not in the field, his clothes are kept nicely pressed and are clearly of excellent and hand tailored quality.


Being the golden boy of the family is awfully hard. When one is given anything they could wish for it gives a child lots of time for other pursuits in life. Victor found magic as something to embrace and it consumed him. He watched his younger brother in duels and it gave Vic some respect for the other boy. It was turned into healthy competition but with them being so close in age and the circumstances of their births, it made things increasingly stressful. There was always something between the two of them and as his brother Lucian shunned him more with every passing year this pushed Victor towards fanciful things. He turned at first to the legend of King Arthur and his knights, but soon found particular interest in stories and legends about dragons. He began to dream of one day finding a dragon of his own - in particular, he would dream of hunting for the creatures with his father, and getting to spend time with the man. Once, in an antique shop, he was able to obtain a dragon scale. Whether or not it is real was unknown to him at the time, but he carries it with him at all times as a good luck charm regardless.

While in school, he found studying to be an easy task. He'd open a book, read and would find the information simple to learn and then put into use. He found he excelled at magic, especially charms and transfiguration. He devoured books about each, learning every new spell that he could. In his Fifth Year he was a natural to became a prefect (though in his Seventh Year he became neglectful of his duties, and his title was stripped by Headmaster Flint). Driven to perfect his magic, he practiced daily, but was reluctant to tutor others in his hopes of keeping an edge on them.

A complete flirt who likes to have a good time, Victor planned frequent parties that turned into lavish spreads that were memorable for months afterwards with his parents footing the bill. Also enjoying travel, he managed to find his way off on vacations whenever he could make one seem feasible to his family. He's a good enough guy out in the world, full of smiles and jokes.

After Hogwarts, Victor easily obtained a position in the Ministry with the R.C.M.C. Beast Division's Dragon Research and Restraint Bureau as a dragonologist. Shipping off to Scotland, he spent the next two years working with Hebridean Blacks. This experience was unique for Victor, as he was rarely treated as the Proudmore heir. Throughout his schooling years he was always pampered and always excelled in his subjects, but here he found that the skills he had were far outclassed by the more senior rangers and dragonologists. Not many cared about his heritage, and most of them came with a reputation of being more nasty and grumpy than the dragons themselves. Despite this jarring lifestyle change, Victor stuck with it; developing and honing his skills and slowly beginning to build a reputation on his own accord.

After two years, Victor's time in Scotland came to an end when he was ordered to return to London. Packing up his gear, he returned home. Still a bit flirty, but a bit more mellow and rounded from the experience.

RP Hooks

  • Former Gryffindor Prefect: Victor was a Prefect, but no longer gets to claim it, as he was stripped of his title in his Seventh Year by Headmaster Flint.
  • Heir of the Proudmore family: Victor is the eldest child of Actaeon Proudmore, and heir to Pridehall.
  • Works with Dragons: Victor is a dragonologist in training, and sometimes gets to work directly with dragons!


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  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Famous Family
  • Spoiled
  • Flirt



Father can be a real taskmaster. I know he means well, but sometimes he treats us more like an army than his children.


I do my best to look out for my little sister. But sometimes I think she's a bit spoiled.


My half-brother is so full of anger. I've tried reaching out to him, but every time I do, he just about bites my hand off. I get where his rage comes from, being the bastard child of my father and my aunt. Oh, the family scandal. I couldn't care less. We're all Proudmores, and we should bloody well act like it.


My cousin, and Lucian's other half-brother.


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