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Portrayed by Dakota Fanning
Name: Victoria Summerbee
Aliases: Tori
Birthday: June 11th, 1922
Position: Shop Girl at MacDiarmarda Apothecary
Lineage: Pure-Blood


A wisp of a girl, perhaps four-foot-nine on a good day, with a pale complexion, blonde hair that reaches her lower back, icy blue eyes with limbal rings, a slightly-upturned nose, thin eyelashes, dimples in her cheeks, a smattering of freckles, and soft, pink lips. Her short stature and thinness suggest a youthfulness despite actual age.

Simple robes and gowns that coordinate with current seasonal colours. During the colder seasons she wears a thick velvet cloak that conceals the fashion statement within. Matching Victorian heels finish off the look and look very well maintained.


Victoria was born on June 11th, 1922, a warm and sunny summer day in Oxford, England to Albert Summerbee and Josephine Summerbee nee Cornfoot. Albert, a Pure-Blood potioneer works with his wife, who is also a Pure-Blood and a herbologist to create a mail-order apothecary business based out of their own home. They are wonderful and attentive parents to Victoria, her older brother Albert Jr. and little sister Jaclyn and childhood for them was an even balance of childish fun and doing some part to help out with the family business. Since the business was small the family lived in rather tight belted means. But that in itself educated the siblings on money management and business finances. Being the grand children of the Department Head of Magical Education, Dermot Summerbee, saw to it that while they weren't flush with coin, their education before Hogwarts did not suffer and they received some of the best tutoring one could get.

Victoria began at Hogwarts in 1933 and graduated in 1940. Sorted into House Ravenclaw was really no shock to anyone and Victoria settled in very well, very quickly. Tutoring in Potions and Herbology and being Chaser for Ravenclaw's Quidditch Team were some of Victoria's extra-curricular activities. Third Year was the year that Study of Ancient Runes and Divination were taken on along with the core classes. O.W.L.s in these classes were all E's with a couple of O's in Herbology and Potions. Upon returning to Hogwarts 6th year, Victoria began N.E.W.T. classes of Herbology, Potions and Divination. After doing extremely well with an E in Divination and Os in Herbology and Potions she graduated with the class of 1940. At the graduation ceremony Victoria won the Divination Award.

After graduating she became a Shop Girl and Apprentice at MacDiarmarda Apothecary. Victoria an extremely dedicated worker and enjoys what she does. The state of her families finances never had her very high on lists for any sort of marriage contracts. Despite the social ramifications for this, it leaves her free to marry for love and it is something that she looks forward to. Because she is just taking care of herself and her boarding is a part of her occupational contract she has become quite comfortable in living standards thanks to the wage of being a Shop Girl brings.

RP Hooks

  • Apprentice & Shop Girl: Victoria works at MacDiarmarda Apothecary. Need something from the shop?
  • Green Thumb: Victoria loves all things Herbology and would like to share in this interest with like minded individuals or groups.
  • Mysticked District: Since graduation Victoria has moved out of her family home in Oxford and was given access to the flat above the Apothecary. So she now lives and works in the Mysticked District.


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  • Honest
  • Humble
  • Disciplined
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Perfectionist



Paternal Grandfather: (b. ) Pure-Blood. Dermot Summerbee is her father's father and is considered the patriarch of the Summerbee Family.


Keigley Summerbee nee Lovegood
Paternal Grandmother: (b. ) Pure-Blood.


Albert Summerbee
Father: (b. ) Pure-Blood.


Jonothan Cornfoot
Maternal Grandfather: ( ) Pure-Blood.


Maternal Grandmother: (b. ) Pure-Blood. Harley Cornfoot nee Rowle


Joshephine Summerbee nee Cornfoot
Mother: (b. ) Pure-Blood.


Albert Summerbee Jr.
Older Sibling: (b. ) Pure-Blood. ((Open for Creation.))


Younger Sibling: (b. ) Pure-Blood.


Timothy Cornfoot
Uncle: (b. ) Pure-Blood. Mother's older brother.


Megan Cornfoot nee Merrythought
Aunt: (b. ) Pure-Blood. Uncle Timothy's wife.


Cousin: (b. June 24th, 1922) Pure-Blood. Youngest son of Aunt Megan and Uncle Tim.


Beatrice Cornfoot
Cousin: (b. ) Pure-Blood. Gerald's big sister.


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