Character Information
Portrayed by Brenock O'Connor
Name: Vincent Goyle
Aliases: -
Birthday: Aug 9, 1927
Position: Slytherin, Second year
Lineage: Pure-blood


Eight inches, hazel, pliant, with a dragon heartstring core.



Vincent is a Slytherin.



This young boy has naturally curly, even borderline unruly dark brown hair. He has a pale complexion and is prone to showing a bit of color in his cheeks when excited, stressed, or embarrassed. Faint dimples break up the smooth skin and an angular face with the starting of a strong chin. Bright blue eyes are the most intense feature on his face, while he has extremely thin lips below a small nose. His ears are still prominent, but thankfully the curly hair hides them well. He has a lean build of an athletic child, but he is short, even for his age at no more than four seven. Small limbs hold a hope of greater strength one day, but for now he remains a healthy young boy, with slightly mischievous and sometimes cruel expressions.


Vincent was born into a pureblood family, although with his Father is English and his Mother is German, he has never actually set foot in Germany. Although he has the ability to speak both languages fluently. His Father Percival is a domineering man who treats both Vincent and his mother (Weibke) more like house-elves than people. Although Vincent's family were rather affluent, Percival fed and clothed Vincent as is expected but did little more other than allowing Vincent to play with the toys in the attic that he had once had as a child, due to the fact that Percival felt that treating Vincent in this way would make him want to create his own future, and not expect things simply handed to him.

Vincent was home schooled by his mother until receiving his letter to attend Hogwarts. His mother taught him some history of the wizarding world, and during the times his mother was not teaching him, his father would install his own hatred of Muggles and the Muggle world upon his son. Vincent has no experience of the Muggle world directly and hence his distinct prejudice towards Muggles and anyone who has Muggle blood in their lineage.

Vincent is quite happy keeping his own company as he is not used to the company of others his own age, and therefore is lacking in some of the social skills expected of a child his age, and tends to speak his mind more blatantly than is socially acceptable. However, he has found companionship amongs the Knights of Walpurgis, lead by Tom Riddle.

Due to the fact his mother is German, and he sees her as a supportive figure unlike his father who Vincent sees as controlling and domineering, Vincent wishes he had been raised in Germany and despite asking his father if he could, he was not happy to be sent to Hogwarts as he wishes he had gone to Durmstrang, although this could be perceived as being a case of 'the grass is always greener on the other side'.

RP Hooks

  • Purist: Vincent hates muggles with a passion.
  • German blood: Vincent also loves Germany.


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Hates Muggles
  • Wishes he had gone to Durmstrang


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