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Character Information
Portrayed by Aislinn Paul
Name: Violet Nessia Urquart
Aliases: Vi
Birthday: March 5th, 1926
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Pure-blood


It's a rare thing to see this perky teenager without a smile lighting her face. Violet is a compact 5'2", still carrying a bit of baby-fat that adds a touch of roundness to her in general despite the fact that she's a very active girl. Chestnut brown hair curls naturally, worn in a bob that doesn't quite hit her shoulders, usually held back by a ribbon, with a fringe of bangs that fall across her forehead and into her right eye. When that eye isn't hidden it's seen to be a bright blue that contrasts with her hair, and, coincidentally, matches the left eye almost perfectly. Her brows are expressive, quick to lift in surprise or furrow in concentration, and emphasize her open nature. It's generally agreed that she has a button nose, which balances out the wideness of a smile that shows slightly crooked teeth.

During the school year, she proudly sports the Ravenclaw colours, her uniform never quite impeccable, but certainly passably tidy. When left to her own devices, her style is playful, but in a subtle way. She likes current fashions, both Wizarding and Muggle, however she's most often dressed for comfort or work, which typically includes trousers as she helps around at home.


Calum and Emilia Urquart, nee Macmillan, met at Hogwarts as yearmates, and became instant enemies. As time went on, their rancor turned first to tolerance, then gradually to an affection that blossomed into love. Their wedding was shortly after their graduation, in 1924, just weeks before the birth of Emilia's youngest sister, Augusta. The pair settled into the small Scottish village of Drumnadrochit, on the Western shore of Loch Ness, and Calum carried on the tradition of an Urquart being the Warden of Loch Ness. They were settled in nicely when Violet Nessia was born in 1926.

Violet spent her early childhood trailing after her father once she learned how to walk, but she was swimming even before then. She has a natural affinity for the water and it's creatures, and was speaking Glurblurble and Mermish right along with proper English from the time she was old enough to put the sounds together in the right ways. From an early age Violet knew that she wanted to be her father’s successor, and has worked diligently toward that goal.

Sorted into Ravenclaw on her arrival at Hogwarts, Violet discovered magical things in which she excelled, and others in which she barely got passing grades. Herbology is a particular thorn in her side, which she always speculated was because her innate talent was for water, not dirt. Even Professor Whittle, who shares her Scottish heritage and love of water, couldn’t help the little witch so much as keep a plant alive for two weeks together, much as he’s tried. She can't wait until she can finally stop taking all the 'boring subjects' and concentrate her energy on Care of Magical Creatures and Charms, with an emphasis on Transfiguration. Secretly, Violet dreams of being able to turn herself into a dolphin some day.

Theme Song: Dolphin by Poe

RP Hooks

  • Student Aide: Violet was delighted to have earned one of the Aide positions in Care of Magical Creatures.
  • Water lover: Whenever it's possible, Violet can be found by the nearest water source. Whether it's Black Lake, the beach in Hogsmeade, or even a bathtub, it's good enough for her.
  • Arts Club: The only thing Violet loves as much as water is ballet. It doesn't come easily to her, and she'll never be a ballerina, but it's the only time on dry land that she can almost feel like she's in the water.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Animal Lover
  • Practical
  • Waterbaby

Report Card

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy A A A A
Charms A E E E
Defence Against the Dark Arts A A A A
Herbology P D D D
History of Magic A A A A
Potions P P A A
Transfiguration A E E E
Flying A
Care of Magical Creatures E E
Muggle Studies A A


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Father: (1906) Pure-blood. Calum is a soft-spoken man, kind and compassionate, with a real love of the life he has tending the Loch and his family. Violet adores him.


Emilia Urquart nee Macmillan
Mother: (1906) Pure-blood. Emilia is a little ball of stubborn determination, a trait she developed being firmly ensconced in the midst of her siblings. She's passed that on to Violet, witnessed by the girl's refusal to give up ballet.


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