Guardian of Purity
Portrayed by Christina Ricci
Name: Walburga Black
Aliases: -
Birthday: April 25
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-blood

Thou hadst been better have been born a dog than answer my waked wrath!
Shakespeare, Othello (3.3.402-3)


Walburga is an adolescent girl, roughly 16 years old, of British, Pure-Blood heritage with porcelain pale skin and entitled airs. Walburga stands at 5’5” and is around 98 pounds with narrow shoulders and thin arms which end in tiny hands with slender fingers. Slim and almost bird-like in the fragility of her build, she's become a young woman of sharp angles and shadowed lines with a hint of curves that don’t yet bring a softness to her figure. Her long neck bears her large for her little body head with a heart-shaped jawline and tiny round ears. Mid-back raven black hair is brushed and pulled tightly back in a braid held with a black ribbon. Lips, usually set in a shrewd expression under an upturned small nose and flanked by full cheeks, are set below contemptuous eyes of hazel-green and a prominent smooth and sloping brow. It’d be very rare to see her smile, and she looks dissatisfied with everything she looks at. There’s just the barest touch of lipstick to her lips, while a smokey mascara gives a dark glamor to her eyes.

Rather notable by the green and silver colouring of her uniform, Walburga must have been sorted into House Slytherin. A grey vest edged in green and silver is worn over an immaculate white shirt which is accented by a green tie with narrow silver stripes. The shirt is tucked into a grey pleated skirt and she wears knee length socks and polished black shoes. An elegantly tailored obsidian robe skims her frame, lined in Slytherin green fabric with a silver chevron embroidered over the left breast.


Eight and a half inches inches, Walnut, rigid, with a dragon heartstring core.



Noir is a sleek and murderous black cat that belongs to Walburga. Or does she belong to him? He doesn't take kindly to being petted by strangers and has perfected the art of sinking his claws in, and sinking them deep.



Proud daughter of Pollux Black and Irma nee Crabbe, Walburga was born on April 25th 1925 in a quiet room in the upstairs of 12 Grimmauld Place, London, England. She was, and is, a little Princess in a Family that might as well be Wizarding Royalty, if Royalty wasn't a Muggle mindset, and this upbringing lead her to the clear realization that Blood Purity is everything a true Wizard should strive for, as her family has since the beginning. One of her first memories was watching the thing that was once known as Marius Black…a former young brother of her father be thrown out of the family, disgusting Squib. Walburga, nor any other Black has ever uttered that thing's existence out loud since that day.

The line of Black will not be tainted! This is why, even at her young age, Walburga is completely prepared and wanting to eventually marry her cousin Orion. She's quite sure that it will all be arranged without fuss, and there's absolutely no better way to keep the blood-line pure and keep the Black family the purist of pure. But before that comes she must focus on bringing honor and pride to House Black! With a limitless drive she pursues her studies at Hogwarts, perhaps one day she will become a member of the Wizengamot so that she can hold some sway over possible new laws about weeding out those filthy mudblood or half-breed freaks from their esteemed society. They are a thing of corruption in Walburga's eyes.

Walburga uses her time at Hogwarts to gather allies that will see her future be the thing of Pure Beauty she wishes it to be. As soon as she is of age she wishes to gain an internship at the Ministry in the administrative department. Shrewd even at her age she knows what she wants and will not let anything, especially those lesser than her, get in her way. With Orion not yet at school, she has the ability to focus on her studies and ambitions for a Pure community and not on the sort of drivel such as the other girls her age are getting interested in - Boys. Ancient Runes and Arithmancy are the Electives she's taking though if that Half-Blood, Professor Aczel continues to teach it, she will drop the Elective after OWLs. Ancient Runes however is taught by her Great Uncle, Professor Sirius Black, who has recently been elevated to Deputy Head, so she has every intention of continuing in that class.

Since the departure of her beloved Professor Flint and the collapse of the segregation of lessions, Walburga has become even more resolved to uphold the ideals of Purity. She mixes rarely with those she considers of lesser status and blood than herself and holds contempt for those of Pure Blood that do. Her shrewdness, however, does just about allow for her to see the advantages of fostering a few links and contacts and she can be relentless in her pursuit of those. The occasions when this happens though are never to the benefit of anyone else. Never that. Everything that Walburga does is with the sole intent of furthering her own beliefs and ideals.

Walburga sees that there’s a sickness in the Wizarding world, where mediocracy is touted as this age’s quality standard. The wizarding world had once awe-inspiring excellence and now society has been crumbling as standards of excellence are replaced with a much lower quality; all of this however is a direct enemy to wizards even if they can’t perceive it yet. With each wizard and muggle in love making babies, the wizard gene begins to dilute and ultimately die out. To Walburga, wizards and muggles should never touch one another and the only way to ensure that magic will exist in the future is to have hard rules now. Walburga views herself as the guardian of purity.

RP Hooks

  • A member of the Black Family: Walburga is a member of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black. And don't you forget it!
  • Extreme Purist: Think you've met a Purist? You haven't met Walburga. She's Purist to the extreme and there's little room for negotiation on it. Compassion for mudbloods? None. Blood traitors? There's hate.
  • Student Aide - Ancient Runes: Walburga became the student aide for Professor Black and the Study of Ancient Runes at Hogwarts on her sixth year. If you're a gifted student, you probably can come talk to her. If you're a troll, she'll probably do her best to get you out of the class.
  • Magijugend: Despite the collapse of student segregation and the departure of Professor Flint, Walburga holds the ideals of the club to heart.
  • A Mean Girl: Walburga knows her place in the world, do you? She will have no qualms in attacking first.
  • Quidditch: She saw that her house team needed replacements, so she offered. On her first match, she played Seeker and caught the golden snitch. Of course, she was playing against blood traitors and mudbloods, so she ought to have won.
  • Wizard Chess: She loves it. Do you play?
  • Favorite Bertie Bott’s Beans: A mixture with one toasted marshmallow, one toffee, one pumpkin and two sherry altogether. What’s your favorite?


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  • Purist to the Nth Degree
  • Wealth: Rich
  • Shrewd


Year Year Year Year Year Year Year
Classes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Astronomy A E A A A
Charms A A A A A
Defense Against the Dark Arts O O O O O
Herbology E A A A A
History of Magic E E A A A
Potions E E E E E
Transfiguration E E A A A
Arithmancy E E E
Study of Ancient Runes O O O
Broomflying A
Clubs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Slytherin Quidditch Team



Slytherin Prefect and a fellow Magijugend. Holds the same ideals as Walburga on Purity, though is perhaps more subtle in his approach to things.


House-Mate, Friend
Walburga sometimes talks with this younger house-mate, checking in on his progress at school and such. He has shown a bit of brilliance towards ancient runes and she knows he wants her to speak with her grand uncle. He'll be able to partner up with Orion once Walburga graduates, so she'll look after Adrian.


Walburga loves his personality, it's cool and detached as if nothing in the world will bother him. He agrees with Walburga's thoughts on Purity, and she often talks about purity philosophy with him.


House-Mate, Cousin
Walburga is horrified that Lu hasn't dealt properly with Angelus as yet. He hangs about her like a bad smell and no good can come of that.


Walburga likes the way he thinks and behaves, he too is a pure blood that knows that purity is important. Oberon and Walburga were one of the first members of the Magijugend when it was around and both were dedicated to it. They both play on the Quidditch team for Slytherin, and enjoy seeing the green and silver banners of victory! She'll seek him out.



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