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Character Information
Portrayed by Alec Guinness
Name: George Weatherby
Aliases: Georgie (Friends, Superiors and fellow officers only)
Birthday: April 2, 1897
Position: Lieutenant Colonel in the British Armed Forces
Lineage: Muggle


Weatherby is, quite unintentionally, basically the personification of the stiff-upper-lipped Brit. His features are surly, though no unkind, and offered some modicum of proper authority in the form of an expertly and rigidly kept black moustache. Beneath thick, sluggish brows of the same hue reside heavy-lidded gray eyes that woefully showcase the effects of fatigue and stress, emphasised further by the deep-furrowed frownline above the bridge of his straight nose.

Perhaps unsurprisingly then, his military uniform is without so much as a hint of wrinkle or blemish, painstakingly presented in good form as he strives to set a good example in himself. Though he does have a habit of rolling his sleeves up to the elbow. His hat brim is kept low, a trick of the trade to supposedly intimidate recruits and his high, laced boots are beautifully polished.. if a little world-weary.



  • Dutiful
  • Strict
  • Wealth: Rich

RP Hooks

  • Commanding Officer - Lt. Col Weatherby is the man in charge of the Armed Forces stationed at Knightsbridge Barracks and Base
  • Strict Father - Weatherby is rather well beloved by his men, even though he is from good birth he always treats the men well, like sons. He is a strict father figure but he's not your typical noble officer with his nose in the air towards the lesser born recruits.


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