What Should I Play?

What We Do Not Need

Check out what is already in game before considering a concept. Some roles are limited, or you may just want to choose something that the game doesn't have much of yet.

The following concepts are discouraged, and are not likely to be approved:

  • Moustache-Twisting Villains — It isn't that we don't want villainous characters. We do! We just want them to have depth and motivation for the things they do. Remember, most villains feel entirely justified in what they do, and many see themselves as heroes. The sort of villains that are evil for the sake of being evil just aren't going to be approved.

The following concepts are disallowed completely:

  • Real Life Historical Figures — You can be inspired by them, but you can't play them directly.
  • Half-blood or Muggle-born Slytherins — It just doesn't happen in this time period. There is a single NPC exception, and a very good reason for that exception that no PC can duplicate.

Having trouble deciding what to play? The possibilities are vast and varied. Understandably, sometimes that can be a bit daunting. Following are a few options to help you figure out a character concept that works for you.


The Wanted BBS in-game (that's +bbread 6) lists any special character requests that other players might have.


Check out the Roster page, or use the +roster command in game, to see what ready-made characters are available to be claimed. If the rostered character has Contacts listed, be sure to talk to them before claiming the character.

Canon Characters

Playing in an historical era of the wizarding world provides many opportunities to introduce canon characters. We do allow players to take on these roles (and a number of them are on the roster). Not all canon characters are suitable as PCs, though. Most of the major players are relegated to NPC roles. So it is advisable to speak with staff before designing such a character.

Staff Suggestions

Here are some ideas for characters that the staff feels the game could use.

Organizations Possible Concepts Suggestions/Limitations
Ministry of Magic Ministry Official, Auror, Hit Wizard, Muggle Liaison, Ranger, Obliviator, Unspeakable All departments could use more active characters.
Hogwarts Students Student, Prefect, Head Boy, Head Girl, Quidditch Player See the Characters page for an idea of what houses and years are lacking in students. Sorting can also help one find an appropriate house. Most faculty Positions are NPC-only, though adult characters can be assistant professors and guest lecturers.
St. Mungo's Healer, Nurse, Orderly Look over the St. Mungo's page for requirements for different Healer ranks.
Media Reporter, Columnist, Photographer, Artist Want to write IC articles? Consider playing a writer for the Daily Prophet.
Entertainment Pro Quidditch Player (or other sports), Professional Duellist, Model, Radio Host, Actor, Singer, Musician, Dancer, Comedian Many more professional Quidditch teams have recently been made available for play!
Wizarding Workforce Apothecary, Baker, Barber, Barkeep, Broom Maker, Business Owner, Butcher, Candymaker, Carpenter, Cobbler, Cook, Magiflourist, Gardener, Housekeeper, Janitor, Librarian, Seamstress, Skinner, Tanner, Weaver, Wench, Wheelwright, Wife There is plenty of room for business owners. Start a business that can drum up some RP!
Underworld Mobster, Fence, Snitch, Thief, Prostitute, Vagrant The potential for dramatic RP is rich in the underworld.
Muggles Politician, Bureaucrat, Barrister, Noble, Spy, Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic, Priest, Nun, Rabbi, Soldier, Pilot, Sailor, Pro Sports Player, Model, Radio Host, Actor, Singer, Musician, Dancer, Comedian, Baker, Barber, Barkeep, Business Owner, Butcher, Candymaker, Carpenter, Cobbler, Cook, Gardener, Housekeeper, Janitor, Seamstress, Skinner, Tanner, Weaver, Wife It is possible for Muggles to have familial connections to wizards, and to be vetted by the Ministry of Magic (permitting them to retain knowledge of and interact with the wizarding world).
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