Your Move…
Name: WhiteBishop
Aliases: Bish
Birthday: 31 July
Position: Player
Location: EST

About Me

Some things you might not know about The Bish, and probably don't care about:

  • He's a lawyer in his real life, and practices predominantly criminal law.
  • He's a volunteer EMT. Between this and his field of legal practice, he's got lots of gross stories.
  • He studied in London for a year during law school.
  • He played bagpipes competitively from high school through college.
  • He's the white bishop, so he gets to move first, but is limited to diagonals. He tends to think crookedly anyway, so this is okay.
  • Though he plays a bad character, he is not a bad person… at least, he doesn't think so! Well… there was that one time, but we don't talk about that.


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