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Character Information
Portrayed by Peter O'Toole
Name: Whitfield Bishop
Aliases: W. Bishop; Whitey Bishop
Birthday: July 31st, 1885
Position: Daily Prophet Journalist
Current Events
Muggle News
Lineage: Half-Blood


There's something immediately rather smug about this middle-aged chaps appearance; a sense of apparent entitlement or sneering derision, depending on the company. Long, sandy blonde hair curls about his nape, a high, bouffant sweep back from his brow doing no favours for his ruddy brow and the shadow of wrinkles becoming discernible there. Still, he was likely a handsome chap, in his day; wit sharp blue eyes and a straight, narrow nose, as well as enviably full lips and a prominent jaw. It's simply his manner which subtly offends.

Robes of navy so dark it can easily be mistaken for black in the wrong light is offset by the shirt of white and blue pinstripes worn beneath. That, in turn, contrasts in a jaunty manner with the vivid scarlet bow, lavishly set just beneath the bob of his Adam's Apple.


Whitfield Bishop was born on the 31st of July, 1885, to the muggle-born witch Macy Bishop (ne O'Malley) and the rich muggle heir Keith Bishop; he was the first of three children, and the only one to have magic like his mother. His mother chose to stay at home and mind her children, not overly fond of the treatment she'd received in the wizarding world as a muggle-born, and as a result Whitfield had a very solid non-magical grounding. For a time, he was even certain he would succeed his father in running the day-to-day of the family business, a publishing house.

But if plans are transient, the plans of children are ephemeral; where his mother had found it easy to turn her back on a magical world that had largely mistreated her, Whitfield found the allure of magic captivating, and it was frustrating every summer when he returned to their manor on the outskirts of Belfast and was not able to speak of it to anyone but his family. Especially given the rigorous education in letters and literature which his father subjected him to during those summer months, which only honed his budding ability for storytelling.

Whitfield ended up leaving Hogwarts after only five years, with a solid but unremarkable school record full of 'Es' and 'As'. He did not, however, join the Bishop Publishing House; he recommended that his younger brother be given that role and said he would be happy to help out, but he enjoyed the Wizarding World too much to live outside of it full-time. His family understood, albeit with some disappointment, and Whitfield has gone on to apply himself at the Daily Prophet as the sectional editor for Current Events and Muggle News.


  • Dog After a Bone
  • Eloquent
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Daily Prophet: Whitfield Bishop is a very well respected writer for this wizarding newspaper. He covers Current Events and Muggle News.
  • Hook 2, etc.


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Keith Bishop
Father: (b. 1861) Muggle. Having married Macy when he was young, Keith Bishop still lives now, though he is entering his twilight years as a muggle. His mind remains exceptionally sharp, and he keeps input on Bishop Publishing although he no longer runs the day-to-day. He reads the Daily Prophet every day, proud of his son's accomplishments.


Macy Bishop nee O'Malley
Mother: (b. 1854) Muggle-Born. A round, happy woman, Macy is very proud of her children save for one thing: when they plan on making her a grandmother. The bachelor status of both of her living children has gotten frustrating. These days she seems more muggle than witch, having all but put away her wand.


Ashleigh Bishop
Brother: (b. 1889 - d. 1903) Squib. The middle child of the family, Ashleigh was a gentle soul. He loved to hear tales from his parents, but was not much interested in running the family business. He went to Eton, then Oxford, and was earning a doctorate of divinity at seminary when he was killed in a mugging.


Henry Bishop
Brother: (b. 1895) Squib. The youngest child of the family, Henry was a libertine playwright and a bit of a free spirit who nevertheless showed a talent for business as he got older; he seemed to gradually become more disciplined and professional after Ashleigh's death, but has never really lost his roguish charm. Henry is mostly interested in men, but Macy hopes dearly for that 1 in 100 exception to show up so she can have a grandchild.


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