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Character Information
Portrayed by Bridget Jeske
Name: Wilhelmina Grubbly
Aliases: Mina
Birthday: March 7th 1929
Position: Child
Lineage: Half-Blood


A precocious child with a happy disposition, Wilhelmina stands around 4' 6" tall. She's a healthy, hardy looking girl, shaped by her years of helping on the family farm. Blue-grey eyes are crowned with light brown brows that match the shade of her shoulder length hair. Thin lips are always ready to curve into a smile, brightening her round face like a beam of sunshine.


Wilhelmina Grubbly was born on a rainy March night in 1929. Brought into the world by a midwife on the family farm in Northern England, it was a difficult delivery with concerns that either mother or child might be lost. Thankfully, Mina's first cry was given with gusto, much to the delight of her exhausted mother, Frances (nee Berry), and father, Delbert. Their third, and last, child, Mina was doted on by her parents and siblings alike, but was not a spoiled girl.

As she grew, she delighted in helping with chores on the family farm, raising magical animals of different varieties. The Grubblys have, for years, been a reliable source for several components for various potions, including Glumbumble treacle and Jobberknoll feathers. She has an affinity for caring for the farm's creatures, and a natural understanding of much of the unspoken communication that goes on around the animals. The invitation to Hogwarts arrived on March 7th, 1940 and was received with great excitement. Finally it was Mina's turn to join her siblings at the most magical place in all of Britain.


Mina is a canon character and will be returned to the +Roster if she idles out.
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RP Hooks

  • Creature Lover - The best topic to seize Mina's interest is anything Animal or Magical Creature.
  • Farm/Country Girl - Mina loves her country girl lifestyle, the Big City is rather stunning in both the good and bad sort of way. Her parents take her to the Mysticked District or Hogsmeade to go shopping for supplies for the Farm some times, or when it's time for her older siblings to go shopping for their School Supplies.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Animal and Creature Lover
  • Precocious


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Delbert Grubbly
Father - Father works so very hard on the Farm, but it never diminishes his presence as a good father and terrific role-model.


Frances Grubbly nee Berry
Mother - A farmer's wife is hard hours and Mina does what she can to not be a bother or pest to her mother.


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