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Character Information
Portrayed by Aidan Walter
Name: William Alderton
Aliases: Wils
Birthday: July 3rd, 1930
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Half-Blood


William is a boy, roughly 11 years old, of Half-Blood, English heritage with fair skin tone, who stands at 4'4" and is around 71 pounds in an overall well-formed body type. Ear-length pitch-black hair is done in a rather short fluffed up style which frames his heart shaped face. With puppy-dog chestnut eyes that are set to either side of his pleasant nose. Below that nose is a warm smile with the upper lips just a tad thinner. The rest of his a heart shaped face is accented by faintly appled cheeks, a strong jaw that tapers to a solid chin. William smells lightly of sandalwood and allspice. When the boy speaks his notably high tenor and courteous manner, the distinctive tones and accent of the Isle of Wight can be detected.

At the moment William is wearing a Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry uniform. Rather notable by the blue and bronze colouring he must have sorted into House Ravenclaw. A grey vest edged in blue and bronze covers a crisp white Oxford shirt, buttoned from the belt to the collar and accented with a blue tie with narrow bronze stripes. The shirt is tucked neatly into matching gray trousers that fall to the tops of black shoes. Over all of this flows a voluminous black robe lined in soft Ravenclaw Blue fabric, unadorned except for a bronze eagle flying over a striped blue background sewn over the heart.


It was during the North Umbria Thistle Festival of Nineteen-ot-Nine, that a young Aldeford Alderton fell in love with an enchantingly befloraled muggle, one Maribelle Ek, over a particularly pernicious bloom. Perhaps it was an omen that their epically mild romance would not blossom without a few small pricks to suffer through. Adelford was a most practical wizard and sagely determined the most practical thing he could ever do was whatever the remarkably clever Miss Ek desired. So it was he agreed to marry her on that very spot and provide a comfortable life along the relatively Muggle-spare coastline of Wight where they sold practical potions at reasonable prices.

Among their many accomplishments were two charming boys. (Well one of the two was most definitely charming and it's best not to disparage the other since this particular story is not about him.) It is about William the Younger! A quite sincere lad that inherited his father's wisdom if not his mother's wit. And while William's parents might be argued to share green thumbs, the youngest lad appeared to have a green tongue. The boy talks to plants. “Please might I offer you a bit of a trim?” and “Thank you for that lovely bit of fruit.” and always popular, “Aren't we smelling ripe, today!” The lad doesn't just talk to plants, he really chats them up. So it was little surprise when the Alderton Household received yet a second invitation to the august Hogwarts Academy.

Now begins young William's Greatest Adventure as Destiny places him along side- (Wait… What? Excuse me!) -As Destiny places him slightly behind and to the left of his older brother. Will House Ravenclaw ever survive the inclusion of TWO Alderton boys within in its ranks? Will the younger lad learn to chat up more than just perennials. Will Basket Weaving Enchantments every truly be in Vogue. Will the younger Alderton boy get his head out of the ground and learn to smell more than just the Roses. Will Quodpot ever go International?

Patience friends. Like a lazy morning fern, the Alderton Saga is just beginning to unfurl.

RP Hooks

  • Green Tongue: Young Alderton is a lover of all things green and wonderful. What's that you say? Your Daisies are less then dapper? Your Vines are all… clingy? Your Posies just aren't posing? Perhaps William can come about and chat them up proper, then?
  • Not Just the Little Brother: Something of a rivalry twixt the Alderton boys, Arkie and William. Need a bit of help with some daring do? A young man with a plan? It won't take much to convince this earnest tag-along he's just the lad for the job.
  • Two Deft Feet: William is a gentleman. A young man of refinement not only knows how to comport himself at the dinner table but on the floor as well. Eager to prepare for a coming social function? Young Dance Master Alderton at your service.
  • Straddling the Hedge: With a Muggle Mother and a Wizardly Father, this Alderton boy can help translate your confusion. Is your thingamagig on the fritz? Are your Belfries mysteriously Bat-Free. You might have a ghost of a chance calling upon this helpful Half-Blood.
  • Proper Ravenclaw: Whether teaming together toward Academic Excellence. Or aiding the impetuous Gryffindor with superior planning toward the downfall of Slytherin. Or just sharing practical tips with the Hufflepuffs in the Domestics Club. William is about House Pride. If it advances Ravensclaw, you can count him in!
  • Brotherly Love: The sibling rivalry twixt Arkie and William is becoming fairly well known. Honestly, Arkie is a bit of a prat (where his little brother is concerned). You have a plan to take the older Alderton boy down a notch? William's all ears.
  • First Years Unite!: These are the same faces seen daily. The ones that share SEVEN! Classes. (more than half one's waking hours) And that not even counting Meals, Clubs and Hygiene. Four the next 5 to 7 years, over half of every school day will involve these people. The next 3, most especially. Love them. Hate them. You know them. Especially poignant if Ravenclaw!


  • Green-tongue: He doesn't just talk to plants, he sings to them, too. What's more, they really seem to listen!
  • Quite Sincere: Not only is he honest, he's honestly honest about being honest!
  • Sensitive Schnaz: (The Nose Knows!) Young Alderton is blessed with a remarkably sensitive nose and is able to enjoy the subtlest of fragrances. Unfortunately, he is also cursed with a remarkably sensitive nose and suffers from chronic hay-fever.
  • Courteous: "Courtesy costs nothing, but buys everything" It's not just good manners, it's good sense!
    • Wealth: Comfortable


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Ivy Leaguers: They usually just hang. Very Clingy. Someone needs to get a grip. (Oh, leaf it alone, already!)


Her Highness: 'Princess Anne', more properly Ever so friendly. Enjoys poetry and long flaps along the beach. Inspired one to study Care of Magical Creatures. Graceful as she is beautiful. Born in 1934.


Weirdly Wonderful: One Winsome Willow, Why so Weepy? (She's a bit thick, and conversation is normal truncated.)


My Secret Garden: Very hush, hush! Why are you a Secret? Are you hiding from someone? Have you run afoul of testy landscapers, then? Just how many people know about your secret? If I tell two friends, can they, in turn, tell two more associates of their own choosing? And so on? and so on?


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