This character is a Community NPC, and can be used as appropriate (see RP Hooks, below). If you would like a staff-run scene with this character, please put in a +request.

Character Information
Portrayed by Ben Lamb
Name: Wiseacre Wood
Birthday: October 25th, 1917
Position: Owner & Manager Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment
Lineage: Half-Blood


Carrying the signature English look of a straight nose, square jaw, thin lips and high forehead, the young wizard seems older than his age. Pale blue eyes are set beneath a straight brown brow and his hair is already receding back along his head though kept in a messy wave shorn somewhat short and his face clean shaven. He stands over average with broad shoulders and an average build.

He wears robes of a rich chocolate velour that is clasped up the front. Paired with a simple thin set of polished mahogany colored boots.


Wiseacre was very lucky that an inheritance from a distant relative and a availability of a shop on Diagon Alley happened within a few months of each other just after he graduated from Hogwarts, House Hufflepuff, in 1935. His life long dream was to sell Wizarding Equipment on Diagon Alley and his wish came true so very quickly. He named his shop after himself and has become a Diagon Alley hub.


  • Quirk 1
  • Quirk 2
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment: Wiseacre is the NPC owner of this shop and is the Community NPC clerk that can be used during scenes at this location.


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