Character Information
Portrayed by Michael Buble
Name: Wolfgang Willim Montague
Aliases: Wolf
Birthday: September 19th, 1910
Position: Crooner & Owner of The Natrix Dance Club & Restaurant
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Wolfgang is a man with a puppy dog eyes. He has olive skin, hazel brown eyes, stands about 5'10" tall, and is approximately 163 pounds. His hair is short dark brown hair is swept back and held in place with some light use of styling gel.
A strong brow pensively creased lays above thick dark brows that hood over a pair of close and deeply set eyes. A small but none the less chiseled roman nose sits between his eyes and over lips that naturally frown. His full cheeks create a somewhat blocky but appealing look to his face as a whole. Obviously a serious but passionate man when he speaks or sings it's with charm. It's only when he sings do his stoic features melt into a warm joyful and charismatic appearance.


A mobster with a heart of gold? Maybe silver. Wolf Montague was born to a old pure-blood Italian family, that came along to England through France moving along with the Norman Invasion. There was another Pure-blood family that came along from France at the same time, The Malfoy family. Once things settled in England the Malfoy family who were strong allies with the Montagues before hand spurned the other family so they could move in noble circles and live a life of wealth and oppulance. The Montague family can hold a grudge and while the Malfoy's aren't enemies of the family. They aren't exactly Wolf's family's favorite people either. They became a strong working class family and were instrumental in the formation of the Clarkenwell Neighborhood in London, while they have always had good strong ties with Muggles the Montague family are Pure-Bloods.

It might be said that finding Italian brides and grooms could prove difficult in England. As keeping the bloodline pure and la famiglia was an important tradition. Many arranged marriages, nearly all arranged marriages actually brought fresh but Pure-Blood in from the fine wizarding famiglias in Italy and Sicily.


This was no different for Wolfgang's parents. Piero Montague traveled to Italy when World War I was brewing, wanting to visit his ancestor's homeland before it was ruined by Muggle Idiocy. It was also time for him to start a family, continue the Montague Legacy, a trip to Italy was traditional to find said wife to settle down with.

While in Venice, Italy, Piero laid eyes on the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Tristessa, the daughter of Ambrogino Yakavetta a powerful Don of an Italian Famiglia himself met when Piero went to rent a villa from Ambrogino. The marriage was arranged and before (the actually slightly mentally disturbed) Tristessa knew what was going on she was married and pregnant. This course of events completely broke Tristessa. A word has not been spoken to another living being besides Wolfgang since the wedding vows. But Piero had his token bride and a solid unity with a major family in Italy. His mother's mental state however is why Wolfgang is an only child.

The fact that he came from her body had Tessa very possessive over the boy, and surprisingly to both families was a perfect mother. Later in Wolfgang's life when Tessa would have a fit, it was only Wolfgang's presence that could soothe her and as Wolfgang grew up he learned that singing worked wonders to calm his mother down.


Through this process Wolf found that he didn't have a bad sounding voice and singing became a passion of his. He began to dream of a time when his mother could just put on a record or listen to the wizarding wireless to hear his voice and find peace in it. Because the clever Wolfgang realized at an early age that he wouldn't always be able to be at his mothers side to help calm her down.

Hogwarts was more about making connections, friends and establishing himself in Society and less about learning magic. Flourishing in Slytherin house, he did learn of course. He received passing A's in most of the classes, excelling in Charms at an E mark, Divination, and Defense Against the Dark Arts at the highest O mark. Arithmancy was taken third year, with an O mark received in OWLs but he dropped it afterwards so his NEWTs were an E in Defense and an A in Divination, and O in Charms.

Since graduating from Hogwarts Wolf has cultivate his own little mob faction and is more respected than feared (like his father is) around Clarkenwell. Piero's father owned a large restaurant and bar. An already tense relationship between Wolf and Piero only escalated further when his grandfather left Wolfgang the business and not Piero. It has taken a bit of savings shuffling and a lot of hard work, but in the summer of 1937 Wolfgang's dream of owning a dancing hall came true. The Natrix Dance Hall, named for the genus of snake is Wolf's Grandfather's restaurant that has been remodeled for his own purposes. That being a place to meet and employ member of his little faction of famiglia, sit back, be a host, meet more connections (and women), and sing and dance which can finally be a not as secret passion of his.

RP Hooks

  • Owner and Performer at The Natrix Dance Hall. London, Clerkenwell (D,2 NW) Take the Bloombury @RP@ Underground Station Exit. Go East, then NW. You're there! Welcome! Authentic Italian food, music, dancing, posh but welcoming atmosphere.
  • A very prominent figure in the Underworld/Mafia. Interested in being apart of his lil faction of famiglia? Please contact, many roles and positions available.


Logs featuring Wolfgang Logs that refer to Wolfgang


  • Enchanting Voice
  • Famous: Especially known by Underworld/Criminal sorts. Also has a new rather successful record out, a couple of songs get air time on the Wizarding Wireless.
  • Wealth: Rich
  • 'Connections' Wizard Underworld
  • 'Connections' Muggle Underworld



Piero & Tristessa Montague
Father & Mother - Tense and estranged with his father. He is however a complete mama's boy, though woe to anyone idiotic enough to point it out. Or if they comment on his mother's 'instabilities'. He loves his mother and would kill for her.


Mistress - Of all the dames, on all the nights, in all the clubs, the Squib had to walk into his. Lady Luck is certainly smiling down on Wolf! They've had their bumpy road, but Wolfgang's attempt at testing the saying, 'If you love someone set them free, if they come back it was meant to be'. She's come back, but if it was meant to be is still on unsure footing. Only time will tell.


Mistress - The other blonde, singer/actress squib. What're the odds? And better yet - she knows how to treat a fella's mother. There are some troubles, Wolfgang knows he shouldn't put her in such a high hanging gilded cage, but he went wrong with Audrey when he didn't make it clear that she was his and he let Audrey mess around. That gilded cage however has shown Signe that he cares for her deeply so he hopes she'll put up with it. A man of extremes he's afraid Audrey got away through loose fingers, but Signe will slip away because he squeezes her too tight. He's trying to be mindful, he doesn't like being jealous, but it is what it is.


Betrothed - While he didn't ever want to go through the whole arranged marriage thing. Or more so put another woman through that like his mother. Piero went behind Wolf's back and made all of the arrangements and contracts with the Marcone family. Wolf is loathed to admit it, but his father did pick quite the Dame. So much so that Wolfgang has begun to court her. They will only get married if they both want to in the end.


'Bodyguard' - A hand-me down thug from Wolfgang's father. He does what he does well, very well, but who knows what baggage he might bring to Wolfgang's door? He certainly brought a closer eye from Inspector Gideon along with him. Seems of all the thugs my father controlled, Sweeney is the one Gideon suspects killed his wife. It's been a lot of growing pains working with Sweeney, but finally Wolfgang believes that he is learning and understanding and most importantly, respecting that Wolfgang does things much differently than his father.


Song Lyrics

All of the songs found in these tabs are original songs written in character by Wolfgang Montague who is played by Rebecca Jane Riley. Many of them are created playing a 'game' of sorts where Becca aka Boo asks for people to shoot 10 words at her to use in the song.


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