Words of Wisdom

You may have noticed my occasional updates to the main page of the wiki, entitled "Words of Wisdom". It is where I boastfully share snippets of what passes for good advice in my mind. Sometimes it relates to IC matters, other times they are OOC suggestions related to the game.

I've decided to collect them here, just to keep an archive for those that care to read what's been said before.

— PirateSpice


Getting RP: Getting people to want more RP from you is kind of like dating. If you want to keep them interested, show interest. Everyone wants an excuse to tell a bit of their own character's story. Provide them that opportunity, and they'll crave more.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Hogwarts is an isolated microcosm in which fewer than 300 people spend years confined to the same castle and grounds. Nearly every witch and wizard in the United Kingdom and Ireland attends this school. Unsurprisingly, this breeds considerable familiarity in the wizarding world. When RPing for the first time with another character, take a moment to compare notes OOC and determine whether these characters would know one another already, even if only by recollection of being at school together.

Half-Bloods Aren't Mudbloods: When it comes to pure-blood supremacy, it is the Muggle-born that take the brunt of the hate and prejudice. "Mudblood" refers specifically to Muggle-born, not half-bloods. Though viewed as inferior, half-bloods are rarely targeted, and for good reason — the vast majority of the wizard population is half-blood, outnumbering pure-bloods by a significant ratio. So even if a purist despised them, it would simply be foolish to anger them as a class.

Bigger Plots Aren't Always Better Plots: Don't be intimidated by the "enormity" of running a plot or scene. Aim for something small. Not every story has to move mountains — in fact, most don't. A clever plot twist or interesting scenario will be much more memorable and enjoyable than battling the next biggest monster or discovering an amazingly powerful magical sword.

Be in the Moment: Just because you're making your first pose in a scene doesn't mean your character must necessarily be arriving in that location at that moment. Our characters are plenty busy when we're not around to play them, and could already be present, just not part of the central action until your first pose. It can be a little odd when a swath of people are coming in "late" to an IC event simply because their players weren't available right when things started.

If You Build It, They Will Come: Don't wait for a scene to start if you want RP. Start a scene! The +rp tool is there to advertise your scene and make it easy for people to join.

Pure-blood Doesn't Mean Wealthy: It is a common misconception that "pure-blood" equates to wealth and influence. In truth, only a handful of pure-blood families hold such standing, and are usually fairly small and tight-knit — such as the Malfoys, Blacks, and Proudmores. Most pure-blood families tend to be a bit larger, and might have a branch of wealthier cousins, but are otherwise quite typical.

Cookie Monsters: Need Cookies? Don't wait around for them to come to you. Seek them out! There are many ways to earn Cookies, including running plots/events, writing descriptions for NPCs or rooms, reporting bugs or typos, submitting new spell ideas, submitting theme articles for the wiki, etc.

Make Plot Happen: Plots don't happen spontaneously in a void. They require someone to run them. That someone could be you! WiWi thrives best when players are running plots. But whether a plot is player- or staff-run, if you want to get involved, let the plot-runner know, and try to come to the table with ideas about how to get your character into the mix.

Lives of Their Own: Just because two characters haven't been in a scene together for a while doesn't mean they've been out of contact. We only play these characters for a fraction of their "lives". They continue with their day-to-day affairs (including casual contact with friends) when we're not looking. Nothing important has happened, but the characters don't cease to exist within their imaginary world. If you think things may have gone otherwise, work it out with the other player OOC; but don't assume it is the case IC without checking first.

One of Us, One of Us: Witchcraft and Wizardry is built on the philosophy that a strong, positive OOC community is the glue that binds a game together. This is the reason we allow for Player bits, and why we strongly encourage our players to stay active on the Chat and Questions channels. Those public channels are a great way to stay informed and stay connected to your fellow players.

It's Better than Bad, It's Good: We strongly encourage players to log scenes and post them on the wiki. Logs provide a living history of your character, and of the game itself. They can act as a kind of advertisement for your RP, piquing the interest of other players. Logs are even used by staff to look for plot hooks and to gauge a character's activity.

Give RP, Don't Take It: Role-playing is a group activity. If a player is constantly making scenes all about their own character, it dries up the joy for other players. Be generous with your RP. Try to show interest in others' stories, rather than spotlighting your own. You might just find people become more interested in your story in return.

Just Do It: The next time you find yourself thinking of reasons that you can't engage in a particular story, scene, or activity…stop. Turn it around and start thinking of the reasons you can. Nothing will kill potential RP faster than one's own self-imposed doubts. But a little creative thinking can create some marvelous stories.

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