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Location Pages

Work In Progress Tags

We have decided to break up WIP into subcategories to make it easier for people to help create what's needed. The below tags should be used along with a wip tag. Do NOT make up your own tags. If you feel another subcategory is warranted, please speak with staff or put in a +request. Please. Thank you.

Character Pages

  • Missing or incomplete BG: wip:bg
  • Missing or incomplete Description: wip:desc
  • Missing or incomplete Relationships (the required for approval is at least 2 relationships with a blurb each describing said relationship.): wip:relations
  • Missing or incomplete RP Hooks (the requirement is 2 RP Hooks that have good blurbs detailing just how to fish for RP with that character): wip:hooks
  • If a Character page has over eight images of the character and including Directory pages with images over 200kb in file size: wip:bloat

Spell & Potion Pages

  • If a recipe or potion has missing or incomplete ingredients: wip:ingredients
  • If any spell, potion or recipe is missing the training entry: wip:training
  • If any spell, potion or recipe is missing the roll/skill entry: wip:roll
  • If any spell, potion or recipe is missing the success blurbs: wip:result
  • If any potion or recipe is missing the Instructions: wip:instruction
  • If any recipe is missing the Servings & Worth entry: wip:worth
  • If any potion missing the Brewing entry: wip:brew
  • If any spell, potion is missing the Duration/Shelf Life entry: wip:duration
  • If any spell, potion or recipe is missing the Keywords: wip:keyword

How to Help

To submit your help, please type: +request TYPE: <Name>=<wikilink> %r%r<submition of help.>

For example: +request DESC: Belvina= %R%R The woman is constructed of timeless elegance, her hooded gaze offering a look of outward inscrutability. Deep blue eyes are set with arching brows and a thinning shoulder length of dark brown hair that is tailored to hide the passage of time. An ease and comfort in the way she moves gives way to her self-confidence as much as wispy smile will often provide. All about her is somewhat fragile feeling from her narrow shoulders down to her small feet though in truth she is above average height. %R%R A square necked beige blouse is set off and paired with a rich indigo cardigan. The pleated pants she wears are a beige as well, the blouse tucked into it. A simple pair of low indigo heels tops off the matched set and about her neck she wears several charmed necklaces.

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