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Character Information
Portrayed by Michael Sheen
Name: Gordon Worthington
Aliases: Chief
Birthday: 25 October, 1897
Position: Chief of Auror Office
Lineage: Half-blood


Gordon Worthington stands at an unimpressive five feet and nine inches. He has a athletic and muscular build for someone his size. He appears to be in his mid forties and European decent. His dark brown hair cascades wildly down the back of his head, gracing just on his shoulders. His eyes are grayish-blue , though warm and inviting, a air of seriousness seems to lurk inside of them. He carries himself with the same seriousness that seems to linger in his eyes and an air of confidence that is unrivaled by most. His olive tinted skin is marred with scars both large and small, memoirs of battles lost and won. His strong jaw and the rest of his face have rough five o'clock shadow, with a cliff in his chin.


Gordon Worthington was nobody's idea of a star Auror. He didn't garner glory, nor was he known for any particularly high-profile cases. Many of his colleagues really didn't know him very well at all. Of course, this wasn't because Worthington wasn't good at his job. Quite the opposite. He was too good at it. He understood that attracting attention to himself would only make his job harder. He didn't want press attention, nor for his quarry to know who he was before he was able to make a bust. So he practiced subtlety, deception, and careful research to seek out Dark wizards and witches.

His methods didn't go entirely unnoticed within the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. When the last Chief Auror retired, Commissioner Bob Ogden carefully reviewed the records of every Auror in the office. Ogden wasn't the kind of man to be impressed with a flashy history or celebrity status. He wanted results, and that respect one name stood above the rest. Worthington's appointment to Chief Auror came as a shock to many. But he soon won their confidence, as he tackled this new leadership position with the same skill. His years of subtlety and observation meant that he knew his comrades far better than they knew him, and he knew their strengths, and who to trust with what duties. Soon the Auror Office was operating at peak efficiency, and even those that begrudged Worthington for being promoted over them came to see what Ogden had realized about the man.


  • Brains Before Brawn
  • Inquisitive
  • Furtive
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Are you an Auror? This is your boss.
  • Worthington has a long history of working undercover and interacting with the underworld. Long-time underworld characters may have encountered him at some point (speak with staff about this possibility if interested).


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During his younger days, before rising to the rank of Chief Auror, Gordon frequently found himself relying upon the vampire for information about the Dark netherworld in which his quarry would often hide. Though some questioned the wisdom of such frequent interaction with Vermilion, none could deny that Worthington got results, and Cruentus had a hand in that.


The Chief Auror seems to have taken an interest in Auror Cohen's career.


Though Worthington may not be as starchy and strictly by-the-book as Ogden, he absolutely recognizes the need for such traits in a man in Ogden's position. The two men have a mutual respect that straddles the line between colleagues and friendship. They're never seen associating outside of the Ministry, but they've been known to share a drink or cigars in one another's offices now and then.


Auror Lee Odori Faulkner certainly made an impression on the Chief. He's put up with mood swings, erratic behaviour, and poor judgement on a variety of occasions. But still, he stood by her, clearly seeing something of value in the young Auror before she retired.

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