Silent Flyer
Name: WraithOwl
Aliases: Owl
Birthday: For me to know…
Position: Player & Occasional Goofball
Location: Oswego, NY / EST

About Me

I'm a long time gamer and throughout the years I've played oWoD, Shadowrun, D&D (multiple versions, including the atrocity that was 4.0), Cyberpunk, and a variety of others. I've also played a multitude of MU**s, starting with A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy way back in '96 and then going through a bunch of social MOOs, PernMoo, Harper's Tale (also Pern based), Thunderbay (oWoD where I was also a long time Admin), Cajun Nights (oWoD), Changeling (oWoD, Changeling only), and a bunch of others. Enough of them that I actually don't remember all of them. Currently I only play on WiWi and HeroMUX.

IRL I am a higher education administrator (currently working as a residence hall director) and I am also taking courses in UAV (drones) technology with the possibility of changing career fields. I was a Naval Officer once upon a time and, like with my MU*s, I've had a ton of different jobs throughout the years with one of my favorites being working as a theater technician for Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL.

I read a lot, I have a bigger DVD collection than any one person should really have, I coached fencing, and I practiced martial arts for many, many years. I am also a huge fan of board games, especially the so called boutique board games and I enjoy pretty much any other kind of entertainment out there as long as its with the right company. Except maybe watching sports…

TL;DR: I've played a bunch of MU**s over the years, I enjoy a variety of hobbies, and if I'm on and not idle I'm usually up for RP. :)


Gabriel Gilbert Katherine
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