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Character Information
Portrayed by Leslie Phillips
Name: Wyvern Crouch
Aliases: Vern
Birthday: April 20th, 1850
Position: Retired Auror
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Tall and stately, with only the faintest hunch about his narrow shoulders, Wyvern Crouch still cuts a striking figure despite his well-advanced years. Wispy white hair, shot through with remnants of steel gray about the temples, is kept properly side parted and his jaw is perfectly clean shaven, only a tidy little moustache adorning his upper lip. His nose and ears, having continued to grow, are by now rather overlarge and yet they somehow suit his quietly cheerful persona. While by no means the life and soul of the party, there's a twinkle in those eyes and the occasional tug of a smile upon thin lips that suggest the former Auror is not entirely devoid of humour.

A man of his age has every right to comfort, and this is reflected in Wyvern's clothing choices - a soft shirt of moss-green beneath a slightly loose-fitting beige robes, along with hardwearing tan slacks and sturdy lace-ups.



  • Quirk 1
  • Quirk 2
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Retired Auror: Wyvern was a very well-liked and dedicated member of the M.L.E. since the late 1860s.
  • Ravenclaw Alumnus: Wyvern graduated in 1868 from Ravenclaw House after his NEWTs.


Logs featuring Wyvern Logs that refer to Wyvern



Drake Crouch
Father: (1831 - 1930) Pure-Blood.


Pris Crouch nee Pyrites
Mother: (1831 - 1932) Pure-Blood.


Gloria Crouch nee Umbridge
Wife: (b. 1866) Pure-Blood.


Tiberius Crouch
Son: (b. 1890) Pure-Blood. Tiberius turned his back on his family and their heritage and married a muggle, Daphne Jones. Tiberius was disowned after he married the muggle and Wyvern only knows that they had five children together. Tiberius went missing after accruing much debt. Wyvern feels rather guilty that things ended the way they did.


Coleman Crouch
Son: (b. 1897) Pure-Blood. Coleman married Calliope Fudge and together they had two boys [[Ben]] and [[Caspar]].


Grandson: (b. 1918) Pure-Blood. Son of Coleman and Calliope.


Grandson: (b. 1918) Pure-Blood. Son of Coleman and Calliope.


Granddaughter-In-Law: (b. 1920) Pure-Blood. Charis Crouch nee Black married Wyvern's Grandson Caspar. Together they have a young son, Bartimus aka Barty.


Bartimus Crouch
Great-Grandson: (b. 1940) Pure-Blood. Barty is the first son and child of Caspar and Charis. Wyvern's first Great-Grandchild. He really is Wyvern's favorite person.


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