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Character Information
Portrayed by Nicholas Hoult
Name: Alexander Tully
Aliases: Xander, Xan
Birthday: Aug 19, 1921
Position: R.C.M.C. Spirit Agent
Lineage: Half-blood


A young man, just emerging from the awkwardness of the teenage years. Naturally lanky and long-faced, but there is still the softness of youth about his pale features. Neatly styled short brown hair crowns his head. A pair of slanted eyebrows sit over a pair of haunted blue eyes.

Xander is dressed in a simple, but neat suit of dark gray, with a crisp white shirt underneath. The image of a young professional is completed with the white handkerchief folded and tucked into the breast pocket of his jacket. When away from Muggles, he wears simple blue-grey robes of a light, flowing material.


Alexander and Edward Tully were the identical twin sons of two half-bloods, Albert and Rose Tully. The boys had a good life, growing up in London, regularly visiting the Muggle world. They had a special bond, as twins often do, regularly finishing one another's sentences, and always knowing when the other was in some sort of trouble.


9 1/2 inches, cypress, quite bendy, with a dragon heartstring core.


Xander's pet is a toad named Pluto.


But everything changed when Edward became ill. The source of the disease was unknown, and neither Muggle medicine nor magical healing could identify it, let alone treat it. Alexander watched helplessly as, over the course of a mere week, his brother wasted away, and died peacefully in his hospital bed. Something happened to Alexander at that moment. Though he never told anyone, there was a moment, as Edward breathed his last breath, that Alexander felt something inexplicable — a brush with the Beyond.

Xander, as he came to insist on being called, was changed after his twin passed. Death became an obsession. He absorbed everything he could learn on the subject, from medical studies, to horror stories, to what sparse wizard texts exist on the Mystery of Death. He leaped at any opportunity to speak with ghosts, even becoming one of the most attentive students in Professor Binns' History of Magic classes. History didn't interest him as much as the ghostly professor himself did.

His parents worried that Xander's fixation on death would send him down a dark path, but Xander never became especially maudlin or grim, so much as just a bit odd and occasionally distant. But he was more fearless than ever, which made him bold, even in social situations. His experience with death seemed to make him appreciate life even more, and he clings to those relationships he has, living in the moment. Perhaps this sort of loyalty is why the Sorting Hat placed him in Hufflepuff. In time, Albert and Rose accepted that this was just who Xander had become, as it didn't seem to be harmful.


Eventually, Xander's studies of ghosts broadened into an interest in all manner of ethereal beings. Spirits were fascinating to him, and he strove to comprehend their strange relationship with the physical world, and worlds beyond. This led him to securing a position with the R.C.M.C. Spirit Division, working as a spirit liaison and exorcist.

RP Hooks

  • Always happy to have a good conversation.
  • Got a question about a ghost? Banshee? Dementor? Xander's something of an expert on spiritual creatures.
  • Knows a ton of spooky ghost stories.
  • Used to have a twin brother, Edward, who died of illness in the summer of 1934.
  • Works for the R.C.M.C. Spirit Division, with aspirations to join the Department of Mysteries one day.

School Performance

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy A A A A A
Charms E E E E E A A
Defence Against the Dark Arts E E E E E E E
Herbology A A P A A
History of Magic E E E E E E O
Potions A A A A A
Transfiguration A A A A A
Flying A
Ancient Runes E E E A A
Divination E E E E E


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Wealth: Comfortable The Tullys are an average wizarding family of average means.
Gullible Xander has been exposed to so much strange knowledge that he is ready to believe even rather outlandish things.
Obsessed With Death His brother's passing, and what he believes was a brush with the Beyond, left Xander fixated on the nature of death.
Fearless Xander's experiences and studies have given him perspective, and he truly has no fear of death — and by extension, very little in life unnerves him.



My Yankee Girl. It was great while it lasted, but eventually we had to admit that we were great friends. There's still a strong attraction, but I could never hope to hold her fiery heart for long.


He used to go steady with Briar. He still has an effect on her — it's not my favourite look on her face. I know he's a good bloke…mostly. But I admit, I get a little uncomfortable with him around.


Back at Hogwarts, we used to find dark places to hide out and tell ghost stories to each other. She knew some fantastic ones from her travels around the world. We've recently reconnected, and we went right back to telling stories. It was nice to have a taste of nostalgia.


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