This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Left Britain for undetermined length of years to adventure around the world.

Tomb Raider
Portrayed by Taylor Kitsch
Name: Xavier Logan Sykes
Birthday: Sep 14, 1911
Position: Treasure Hunter
Lineage: Pure-blood


Tall and athletic-bult, this man has classically handsome features. His over shaped face, high cheek bones, full lips and bright emerald colored eyes place him in his mid-twenties. His honey colored hair falls down to his shoulders like warm caramel caressing his shoulders.

A medium solid black suit clothes Xavier at the moment, its Italian silk fibers giving the fabric a dull sheen. The suit jacket drapes his shoulders precisely, tapering down his torso and narrow waist, likely of bespoke construction to those for an eye for fashion. He wears a pale solid bone colored shirt of Egyptian cotton underneath, unbuttoned at the top and sans tie, though the stiffness of the collar would hint at a pair of collar bones keeping it at attention. The requisite half inch of shirt cuff is evident at his wrists below the jacket sleeve, the double cuffs of the shirt fastened by a pair of ornate, dark pave diamond cufflinks. A dark silver buckle at his torso fastens a deep burgundy belt, his trousers lacking front pleats. Exquisitely polished dark midnight Chelsea boots crafted of shell cordovan slip underneath the medium break of his trousers. An authoritative thud reverberates from each step he takes, hinting at the solid leather soles of his shoes and welted construction. Together, his ensemble marks him as a sartorialist, someone who takes great interest in the precise measurements of his Jermyn Street clothes. After all, any rube can throw on an expensive suit; much more difficult to wear it with class. A IWC Mark XVI rests on his left wrist to reveal the time when needed to him. He can be seen from time to time carrying an antique cane of black wood. The cane itself bares a gold tip and ivory sculpture on part of the hilt and the pommel has what looks like a lions head with mane and a nail in the middle to fasten it to the hilt of the cane.

The scent of Eau de Guerlain wafts from Xavier, it's woodiness punctuated by spicy notes of amber, moss, the subtle tones of musk.


The Sykes family is a family so old and so proud they still tout their coat of arms as if they were about to step onto a medieval battlefield. And they rightly should be since they've churned out a number of accomplished witches and wizards over the years researchers, healers, high-ranking ministry officials, business owners and the like. So when Arlo Sykes and his wife Perdita pumped out five children, they expected each and every one of them to be nothing less than excellent. "The purest wizarding blood courses through your veins. Mediocrity simply doesn't exist in our family." That statement was dogma in the Sykes household and old Arlo made sure to enforce this philosophy with a militaristic upbringing. From the time they could walk and talk, the Sykes children were subjected to a life of intense study and discipline, and their education began long before they even reached the doors at Hogwarts. In the morning, the children had lessons with their governess followed by sports and other productive recreational activities in the afternoon. After dinner, they read aloud to practice their oration or played games to keep their minds sharp. For a Sykes child, every minute of every day was never wasted that way they would never stop improving themselves.

Xavier Logan Sykes is the first born of the Sykes children. As a baby he was a bit spoiled as the first, and he knew this as a baby. He had a unique talent for manipulating his mother into getting the things he wanted by crying when he needed too. His father used to tell his mother that he would become a talented Slytherin wizard with that talent. As he grew older, Xavier had a talent for getting into trouble. He was not someone who would cause the trouble but trouble would find him. It is because his mother would call him reckless and impulsive. However, it was when he was 7 years old that he clearly started to have a passion for the academics. His Aunt Athena, a former Ravenclaw inspired his passion for treasure hunting when she returned to London finding a rare magical artifact that was later discovered to belong to Merlin himself. Aunt Athena was honored by the Ministry of Magic for her find. He remembers watching her get an award for that and how all the wizards and witches respected her for that find. It was from this point on he knew that he would presue his life to becoming the worlds greatest treasure hunter.

Xavier was sorted into the Ravenclaw house in his first year at Hogwarts for his academic passion for Ancient Runes as a boy. In his time at Hogwarts, Xavier was often considered reckless and a bit adventurous going into the Dark Forest in his second year to prove to his classmates he could find a Spider egg. This got him in some trouble, and he was saved by his Gryffindor friend Dexter Cobblesnort when he fell into a pit of giant spiders. Xavier was nearly dinner until Dexter was able to save him and get out of the forest alive. Professor Dumbledore was standing on the edge of the forest when the two them were exiting with a smirk on his face, "You should have been a Gryffindor Mister Sykes…50 points are taken from Ravenclaw for your reckless behavior and disregard for the rules. Since no one was hurt, you are luck I do not expel you." Xavier was not very popular that year with his house mates. He contained his time at Hogwarts gaining a great understanding of Magical History, and Defensive Magic. Xavier had a reputation for having a nose like a fox hound. His ability to smell things would help him in his "adventures" as a Hogwarts student time and time again. Xavier graduated with high honors, and in the top ten percentile of his class. He instantly left home and started to travel the world.

As a teenage, Xavier had an interest in Ancient Greece and the "gods". As a student he learned the language and everything he could absorb about the culture. As an adult he traveled the world in search of a fabled hammer. It was said to have belonged to the god Hephaestus. This hammer was used to forge all his weapons he made for the gods. Hephaestus's Hammer would allow anyone to make anything they wanted with a mere thought. He has been searching for this hammer his entire life and has found minor trinkets like ruby encrusted comb that was rumored to have belonged to a High Priestess of Hera. It has no magical qualities that has been discovered. A bone cloak clip that has been carved from the bone of the Kraken, yet has no magical quality expect it gives off a really eerie feeling. A flaming arrowhead that was created by Philostis, a famous greek wizard. The arrow has no special quality expect that it stays flaming hot at all times. His most significance find was an emerald crusted mirror that has been rumored to have belonged to Helen of Troy. However, it's purpose has yet been discovered. It was this find that gained him the position of "Treasure Hunter" with Gringotts. Xavier is still searching for Hephaestus's Hammer but until then he will continue to follow the clues that lead him to the hammer and the find of his life.


Logs featuring Xavier Logs that refer to Xavier


  • Acute Senses
  • Wealth: Rich
  • Reckless
  • Afraid of Giant Spiders
  • Renowned Family

RP Hooks

  • Sykes family member.
  • Notable treasure hunter.















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