Experience Points (XP)

Each week you earn Experience Points (XP) that can be used to learn new Skills or improve new ones. XP can also be purchased with Cookies.

  • To raise a Skill, use the following command in game: +xp/raise <skill name>
  • To learn a new language, use the following command in game: +xp/lang <language>

Attributes cannot be changed using XP. They reflect aptitudes your character was born with and will only change due to drastic plot developments (disability, alchemical manipulation, etc.) at the discretion of the Storyteller.

Quirks are also not affected by XP. Quirks can only be changed through roleplay, at the discretion of staff. If a player believes a Quirk change is in order, the player may request the change for a minor Cookie cost.

Current Skill Level Action/Wizarding Skill Background Skill
0 1 XP 1 XP
1 or 2 2 XP 1 XP
3, 4 or 5 4 XP 2 XP
6 10 XP 5 XP
7 20 XP 10 XP
8 30 XP 15 XP
9* 40 XP 20 XP
10* 50 XP 25 XP
11* 60 XP 30 XP

The chart to the left shows the cost for improving or learning a skill, based on the current level.


  • Background Skills are 1/2 the cost of Action and Wizarding Skills.
  • Languages can be purchased for 3 XP each.
  • Cookies can be purchased for 3 XP per Cookie (make a +request if you wish to purchase Cookies).
  • Only Skills can be raised. Attributes are static.
  • There is no maximum cap on XP storage (well there is, but it's 999).
  • Raising a skill to Master level (10-12) requires staff approval. If you wish to raise a skill to this level, place a +request, including an explanation for why you believe your character should be one of the world's best at that particular skill.

Student Skill Limits

Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th Graduate
Max Skill Rank 3 3 3 4 5 6 12 12
Exceed Skills 1 2 3 3 3 3 3 at 7+ at chargen
Bonus XP 10 XP 15 XP 20 XP 25 XP 25 XP 25 XP 30 XP

Young characters have limits on how high their Skills can go. They are inexperienced, and need time to grow and mature. The table below illustrates the Skill rating caps for characters, by school year. See below for clarification on what the rows of the table mean.

Year: The character's current school year (grade) at Hogwarts. A character is considered to be the same Year until the following school year begins on September 1st. Note that even if a character does not attend Hogwarts — such as a young person that left the school after Fifth Year — still figures their statistics according to this method. The "Graduate" column refers to a character that has completed their Seventh Year at Hogwarts; basically a normal non-student character.

Max Skill Rank: This number is the maximum rank that the character's Skills are allowed to have. Some skills may exceed this cap (see Exceed Skills, below).

Exceed Skills: This refers to the number of Skills that may exceed the Maximum Skill Rank, by up to 2 points. Note that Seventh Years and adults do not have this limitation, but rather can have up to three skills exceeding 7 by any amount at character generation.

Bonus XP: This is the extra XP granted to a character when they graduate from their current year. Note bonus XP is only granted to characters that finish out the school year IC. Bonus XP is not granted retroactively. This means that a character that plays from First Year all the way to Seventh Year will have 150 XP more than an adult character that started at the same time.

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