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Character Information
Portrayed by Camren Bicondova
Name: Xylina Cobb
Aliases: Xy
Birthday: December 31, 1925
Position: Gryffindor
Lineage: Half-Blood


Small and slender, this teenager holds a wealth of grace in her movements, her form holding a wiry strength within. Beautiful blue eyes set into the delicate features of her face; arched eyebrows, a slim nose and pouty lips of a dusky rose. Her hair is several shades of brown mixed with streak of honey, thick with soft curls but short and shaggy, as if she carelessly takes scissors to it whenever it gets in the way. Untamed, it goes in whatever direction it chooses, so much like her personality at times. Perfectly proportioned, she is not without the bloom of feminine curves, even if they are sometimes hidden beneath her clothing.


Born just a few minutes after her sister Mallaidh, Xylina came into the world just as noisely as her sister, both crying loudly. They were born to Blythe Cobb and Lottie Webb, some of the finest Vampire Hunters in Britian. Their childhood would be odd, often left with various family members when the two had to hunt. More often than not, they were left with Lottie's sister, Epiphany, their godmother.

While Mal enjoyed her time with Epiphany in her store, Xy preferred her time spent with another aunt, the twin sister of their father, Adelaide Cobb. Many might think of her as the crazy cat wizard, the spinster with a family of cats instead of a husband and kids of her own. Also a registered Animagus, her alternate form that of a calico cat. But Xy enjoyed her time there, learning about being an Animagus, and working within the Ministry. While Adelaide was now a Tester, one who would come to Hogwarts to oversee the O.W.L.S and N.E.W.T.S., she first began her career within the Ministry of Magic Public Information Services.

When Mal and Xy were 11, they each got their letter to Hogwarts. What a happy day it was for the family. The two sisters boarded the train after buying their supplies, Xy with her new pet, Mr. G, a lovely dark Siamese cat with quite the attitude. The two were sorted into Griffindor. Xylina became somewhat popular, always willing to lend a hand to those who might need the extra help. While Mal might not have been as popular, Xy would be quick to her sister's defense, if anyone said anything about her. The two were close as twins are wont to be, even in their differences.

As it was said, their parents were some of the finest Vampire Hunters in Britain. 'Were' being an unfortunate keyword. Over Christmas break during the twin's fourth year, after taking out a Vampire's favorite 'child', the two were Turned, trapped, and left to starve for a few days. When a meal was finally provided for them, they jumped upon the silent form lowered down to them, killing the girl, and thus Turning her as well. Unfortunately, they would soon realize it was their oldest daughter, Mallaidh.

Some would say it was pure luck that Xylina had gone to her Aunt Ade's house for Christmas instead of staying home. Her future might have ended the same as Mal's, Turned into a Vampire. Instead, she was given a choice between her aunts with whom she wished to stay, her choice easy to make: Aunt Adelaide. With Mal going to Aunt Epiphany to live. Xylina visits her sister every chance she gets, and will continue to do so as she returns to Hogwarts to continue her studies in her Fifth Year, intent to further her education, and eventually go to work for the Ministry. She's shown skills in Transfiguration, and in Care of Magical Creatures, though Astronomy and Dark Defense has not been her best classes.


11 3/4" inches, fir, reasonably supple, with a dragon heart-string core.



Mr. G was a kitten from a litter that belonged to Xylina's aunt, Adelaide. From the moment Xylina witnessed his birth, the two bonded. He can be found following her, keeping an eye out on her. He doesn't seem to like many others beyond her and her aunt. It's high praise should he allow another to pet him beyond them.



  • Cat Lover - xylina must have picked this up from her Aunt Adelaide, but she loves each one she crosses from the small to the large.
  • Graceful - Xylina is quite graceful, be it merely walking or even dancing.
  • Common Sense - Xylina shows an inordinate amount of common sense at times.
  • Loyalty: Mallaidh - Xylina is loyal to her twin sister, even now when Mal is a Vampire and many might turn away from her.
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Gryffindor - She'll be Fifth year Lion when the next school year starts.
  • Cats - She really likes cats - she'll pet, play, and even give treats to any one she meets!
  • Vampires - Many around Hogwarts may have heard how her twin sister, Mallaidh, didn't return to school after being Turned into one. Sure, there may be 'bad' Vampires out there, but her sister is not one of them, and she'll defend this with her last breath!
  • Transfiguration - She's a student aid for this class, and with her scores in it, willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who could use a little extra tutoring on the side.
  • Care of Magicial Creatures - She's willing to help out with this class as well.
  • Lufkin Lofts - Xylina lives here during the summer and vacations from school with her Aunt Adelaide.


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Blythe Cobb
Father: Xylina loved her father as only a daughter could, though his obsession with hunting vampires often got in the way. She misses him however, quite a lot.


Lottie Cobb nee Webb
Mother: Xylina wasn't quite as close to her mother as she was her father, but she still misses her. While she might have butted heads occasionally, it didn't mean she didn't love her mother.


Twin Sister: Mallaidh was born first, but at times, Xylina felt the older sister. Some might say she is fiercely loyal to Mal these days now that Mal is a Vampire, daring anyone to talk out about her sister.


Aunt: Her mother's sister, godmother, owner of Cobb's and Webb's in Knockturn Alley, and legal guardian of her sister. Xylina loves her aunt, but isn't as close to her as her sister is.


Aunt: Her father's twin sister, Animagus (Registered: tabby cat), Ministry worker in Testing, and guardian. Xylina has always been far closer to this aunt than the other, sharing in many of the same hobbies and likes. During the summer, she lives with Adelaide in her apartment in Lufkin Lofts.


Classes Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 3 Yr 4 Yr 5 Yr 6 Yr 7
Broomflying E E
Astronomy A A A A
Charms E E A A
Defense Against the Dark Arts E A A A
Herbology E E E E
History of Magic E E E E
Potions E E E E
Transfiguration O O O O
Care Magical Creatures O O
Muggle Studies E E


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