Character Information
Portrayed by James Earl Jones
Name: Vincent Zabini
Aliases: Vinzabi
Birthday: January 17th, 1875
Position: Chief of the Department of International Magical Cooperation
Lineage: Pure-blood


A tall, robust man in his late middle years, Vincent Zabini is caramel skinned with shrewd black eyes, close cropped black hair curling tightly across his head and turning white at the temples. He has a natural presence about him, matched by the intelligence in his gaze and the confidence in his movements. A somewhat broad nose rests over full lips, heavy jowls moving with every frown and every hearty smile. His clothing favours wizarding fashions of a more cosmopolitan and international flare, with neutral tones expertly matched with unobtrusive pops of colour. He is also famous for wearing a cloak made from a lion's skin, with the head coming down over his left shoulder with glittering gold eyes. A gift from one of his best friends, the Minister for Magic of Burkina Faso.



  • Regal
  • Formidible
  • Diplomatic
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Minister: Vincent Zabini is the Chief of the Department of International Magical Cooperation. His son acts as his attache and aide.
  • Patriarch: Vincent is considered the patriarch of the Zabini Family and is treated as such by his kin.


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Langa Zabini nee Ilumbo
Wife: (b. 1879) Pure-Blood. Langa and Vincent fell in love when he worked with the Ministry of Africa. The Ilumbo are an African Pure-Blood family she was pretty much treated like a princess and Vincent was happy to elevate her to queen level. He spoils her and she in returns makes him feel like a king.


Son: (b. November 17th, 1902) Pure-Blood. The 'rebel' in so much that he pursued Quidditch instead of politics.


Lorenzo Zabini
Son: (b. 1899) Pure-Blood. Assistant and attache to Vincent. Lorenzo has always been quite comfortable in his father's shadow.


Eufrasio Zabini nee Marcone
Daughter-In-Law: (b. 1900) Pure-Blood. A political machine! If Eufrasio didn't choose children over career like she did. Or if she was a native to the UK, the position of Minister would be well within her grasp.


Grandson: (b. January 7th, 1920) Pure-Blood.


Sophornia Zabini
Granddaughter: (b. 1931) Pure-Blood.


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