Character Information
Portrayed by Ryan Cartwright
Name: Zachary Fudge
Aliases: Zack
Birthday: April 19, 1913
Position: Obliviator
Lineage: Pure-blood


This young man looks like he doesn't pay much attention to his appearance. His hair is an unkempt dark brown that would look much neater if he put a modicum of effort into brushing it. He wears magnificent robes of dark blue, accented in lighter shades. They are dignified yet comfortable and durable, but despite their high quality they are often wrinkled and disheveled. His eyes are blue as well and, though most of the time they seem distant and distracted, they can become quite bright and intense when something catches his attention.


Zachary Norman Fudge was born on 19 April 1913 in London, the son of a wealthy and highly-regarded pure-blood family with strong ties to the Ministry of Magic. His parents, Antonius and Myra (nee Longbottom), eager to give him a head start on a prominent political career, encouraged him from an early age to become friends with the sons and daughters of their important peers, but Zack spent much of his time by himself, wrapped up in whatever exciting new interest his innate curiosity drew him toward. His younger brother Tiberius, who is some fifteen years younger than him, takes after their parents much more than he does, and as a result gets a lot more praise and encouragement than Zack ever did.

When Zack started at Hogwarts in 1924 he was immediately sorted into Ravenclaw, which he felt rather good about even though neither of his parents were in that house. He graduated in 1931 with N.E.W.T.s in Charms, History of Magic, Study of Ancient Runes, and Transfiguration, the four classes he enjoyed the most throughout his school career. In his earlier years, his grades in the other classes were acceptable but not very notable, including the ones he earned for Arithmancy, which he took as an elective and then promptly dropped when as soon as he could. In those four classes, however, he did very well, with Os in all of them except Transfiguration, for which he received an E.

After Zack graduated from Hogwarts, his father, without much success, tried to get him a job at the Ministry of Magic. Luckily, he was introduced to someone on the Committee on Experimental Charms who, recognizing his talents, sent him to a small team of researchers working on creating new spells. He worked with them for about five years when, in a horrible result of some Charms experiment, his secret laboratory splinched out of existence, causing the third block of Harper Street in Ottery St Catchpole to collapse in a sink hole 40 feet deep. Magical Law Enforcement were quick on the scene and Zack was presumed dead 30 June 1938. But five months later he appeared back in London, alive but a little the worse for wear.


  • Absentminded
  • Obsessive
  • Tactless
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Former Ravenclaw.
  • Works on experimental charms.


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I like her.


He's an Auror. A nice Auror. Rhyeline trusts him, so I should trust him too. Even if he does have to do unpleasant things for his job. But I've never seen him do unpleasant things. And he promised to help me find my missing research. So that makes him nice.


She's an Auror. She's rude and nosy. And she's friendly and protects people. I don't like it when she antagonizes me. And sometimes she pretends to be a little girl. That's strange.


She's an Auror. She's scary. I think she might be one of the violent ones. She made me go to St Mungo's. I asked her to help me find my missing research, but she kept asking questions about my old team. She should mind her own business.


She wants to be friends. Only she didn't say she wants to be friends. She implied it. By giving the money for our butterbeers back. Maybe she wants to pay to be friends with me.


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