Making All Your Dreams Come True
Portrayed by James Franco
Name: Zephyr Joseph Macnair
Aliases: Z
Birthday: Jun 06, 1902
Position: Macnair Manufacturing
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Zephyr is a grown man with a rakish aristocratic air about him. He has fair skin, brown eyes, stands about 5'11" tall, and is approximately 160 pounds. His hair is dark brown in a short swept back style.

Smooth. Suave. Debonair. These are words often bandied about when one discusses just how he looks. This well-mannered gentleman is in his early thirties has stark blue eyes, a fair and flawless complexion and lustrous dark brown hair. He wears his hair short, cropped close to his ears in a well groomed way. Like a prized stallion of impeccable breeding he holds himself upright with a straight spine, never slouching or slumping his shoulders, moving about with pride and professionalism befitting his pure and blue blood status


Zephyr Joseph Macnair was born with blueblood. Not literally of course. He was raised in one of the luxury homes surrounding the beautiful Hyde Park by his business tycoon parents, Joseph Alexander Macnair and Persephone nee Malfoy. His mother had her own department of the Macnair Manufacturing Company. She didn't need to work, but she did anyways, with the little Heir of it all in tow. Really neither of his parents needed to work, they owned the titles and deeds, they could have paid someone to do their jobs. But they worked for the love of it. It was his parents that sent him most of the things he sold to the students when he was in Hogwarts. They gave him the things for him to sell so he had to work for his allowance. Always just a touch resentful then, he now is quite grateful as the students he helped in Hogwarts still come to him today. As he grew up his blood changed colors from blue, to green and silver, to gold and silver and bronze. Being cooped up in his mothers office while she did business and being contained in Hogwarts made him quite reluctant to have an office.

When he became of age to attend Hogwarts Zephyr suddenly found his father remarkably interested in him. This created a new and different sort of pressure and pride for Zephyr and he strove to make his father happy and become everything his father wanted. Though Zephyr was curious about taking Muggle Studies as an elective. However his father forbade it as his son was to take Arithmancy and Ancient Runes, good solid subject that could help him in business. It was in that third year when Zephyr's grades improved all the more, because he acquired himself a tutor and secretary. She was an adorable little Ravenclaw girl by the name of Tierney a sweet quick as a whip Irish girl who he came to find out (after growing to be best friends with the girl) was actually a Muggle Born Witch. So as they grew up together, becoming closer it seemed with each passing day it grew more and more complicated, but they always remained best friends and professional companions. If it weren't for Tea Cup as Zephyr would call her he would never have been able to keep up with his studies and when he came of age to notice girls to juggle studies and secret rendezvous with different girls and also keep his reputation amicable with everyone else at the school. They say behind every man is a good woman, and Tierney was proving that to be the truest thing in the world. If it weren't for her aide Zephyr would probably not have made it through Hogwarts, taking his NEWTs in Transfiguration, Charms, and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

After Hogwarts he immediately received his own office at the family business and became CEO of Public Relations which also included any business that had to be done with Muggles. Fascinating people, though Zephyr is the only member of his family who thinks so. Hence he is left to deal with them. Who better to help him with his Muggle Connections than the girl that was his best friend and assistant in his dealings all throughout Hogwarts? Tierney was hired the same day he was much to his parents, moreover his mother's dismay. Persephone was never quiet about her despair that her son brought a muggle-born into their company. Zephyr wasn't quiet either about the fact that if Tierney goes, he goes. It was the first time Zephyr fought with his mother and in turn his father when the man came to try and 'talk sense' into his son. It was during these fights against his parents over Tierney that he discovered it just wasn't a friendship he was fiercely defending but actual true deep feelings. Nothing was done about them any until she went and got a boyfriend that finally drove Zephyr to reveal his feelings for Tea. She was furious said that it was just him being a spoiled brat that finally wanted what he couldn't have. Zephyr explained his distance was because of his parents, mostly his mother and what she'd do if she found out Tierney was more than a friend. It was years and Zephyr continued his playboy lifestyle to try and keep his mind off of Tierney.

It was after Tierney's relationship ended with her boyfriend that she confessed that it was because he wanted to get married and she came to realize the only man she'd want to marry was Zephyr. In a secret wedding at the Macnair estate in Scotland Tierney and Zephyr lived rather happily ever after. That was up until a busybody gossip of a clerk at the Ministry had seen Zephyr and Tierney's wedding on the record books she maintains. Trying to curry favor with the powerful Macnair family she congratulated Persephone at a Tea Party they both attended. The poor clerk had to be removed to Mungo's for choking on a tea cake. How the tea cake was engorio'd inside the clerk's throat causing her later death before arriving to Mungo's is still a mystery. To add to the dark mysteries that soon completely surrounded Zephyr and his bride, Tierney herself became gravely ill and every time she started to get better, she'd once more turn for the worse. Finally at the age of 25 Zephyr became a widower. To the outside world not a thing had happened, everyone that knew about their secret marriage was dead. The most that had happened was Zephyr lost his secretary. These days he always seems to be in the right (and sometimes wrong) places at the right times with just the right thing at his fingertips. Relatively little office life for him. Especially since his wife's death. Going by her empty desk that he's yet to fill again is very hard for him, to this day. He doesn't have to workbut he loves it.

At a Gala for St. Mungos, whom the Macnair family pour donations like a fountain of gold for, Zephyr was made to go as his parents were in Germany celebrating with associates, the business man was about to call it a night when he heard an enchanting laugh. It was different then all of the fake pleasantries he was assaulted with all night. It was a pure laugh, one truly of joy and mirth. He scoured the crowd for the source, intrigued by what caused such a delightful break from the starchy suffocating bourgeoisie. A beautiful blond was the source, she was joking around with an older man and much to Zephyr's luck she soon stood, excusing herself from the older gents company and headed for the bar, where Zephyr began to nurse his nearly empty drink. Long story short Zephyr and the woman whom was a Master Healer for St. Mungos hit it off at the gala and Zephyr extended his stay at the event so that he might try to further woo the only woman in the place he didn't find vapid or false.

Bastille Day - July 14th 1934 Zephyr proposed to Clover at the top of the Eiffel Tower amid the firework finale. After a year or more of wooing Miss Clover Weaver he sought to garner both families blessing to do so, Zephyr wanted this time to go perfectly, properly. Thankfully his families feelings towards Clover who is from Pure-Blood stock was much different then the murderous welcome his first wife received.

RP Hooks

  • CEO of Public Relations for Macnair Manufactures Inc.
  • Looking for an assistant/secretary.
  • Need a job? All positions available. Research & Development. Factory Work. Clerk.
  • Need something manufactured? His company mass produces items for the Wizarding world.


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Father - Joseph Alexander Macnair, his father was a very young man when he took over Macnair Manufacturing. He always jokes that he did it out of fear of his betrothed. Anything less and Persephone probably wouldn't have had him betrothal contract or no. A work-a-holic Zephyr often thinks that his father works still trying to prove himself to his wife. Joseph has always provided Zephyr with a template of both what to do and what not to do in life.


Mother - Being a Malfoy conniving is in her blood. They've not had a very close relationship since he was very young. That thin relationship has turned into something akin to frigid civility. The business and Tristan are the only topics they discuss. This all came about when Tierney died. He can't prove it, but he has a gut feeling that it was his mother that arranged for her demise. So he pays his respects and stays civil enough with her that he can live with himself, and keep her close enough that he can eventually learn the truth. Then so help her.


Wife - Clover Macnair nee Weaver the one that snuck through his carefully built walls. She understands him like no one else. Even the fact that she still shares his heart with Tea. The most poised woman he's ever met, she takes everything good and bad with such dignity and behind closed doors with him she's vibrant and sharp and so very sexy. What a lucky man she's made him. He never thought he could feel like this ever again, but she makes him feel alive.


Tristan Macnair
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