Character Information
Portrayed by Fan Bingbing
Name: Zoe Qian
Aliases: Zuzu
Birthday: May 27th, 1921
Position: Owner of the Sip and Sonder
Lineage: Half-blood


Five feet and an inch, Zoe Qian stands slight and slender, but her vaguely feline, almond-shaped eyes shine with curious fascination at the world. Leaving her neck bare, she piles her long, dark hair messily atop her head in a bun. Many tresses escape to frame her face, creating a sharp contrast with her fair complexion. Her full, painted red lips often quirk with delight and mirth.

Under an over-sized pea coat, she wears a rust-brown silk blouse and a navy blue skirt with a wide leather belt cinching around her waist. The skirt reaches only halfway past her knees, revealing the dark leggings that plunge into heavy winter boots.


Born in the summer of 1921 in Hong Kong, Zoe Qian’s childhood consisted of adventures across the world with her mother (Enid Pettigrew) and occasional months in Hong Kong with her father (Qian Jun). Among her earliest memories were running across desert sand to her mother as her older brother and sister chased after to tickle her, playing in the mountain snow amid evergreens that framed a star-filled sky, and climbing after her brother and sister to reach the rainforest canopy. But, once a year, her mother sent Zoe to spend time with her father. The world of magic was a shock to her father, but he accepted it just as he had with Enid’s free-spirited nature. However, in the end he couldn’t keep up. Her parents separated with a bittersweet kiss, but remained as occasional lovers. Because Qian Jun’s new wife didn’t care for Zoe, she stayed with her grandparents, but her father visited often. Those quiet, peaceful days with her father and grandparents, learning Cantonese and absorbing what she could of her heritage, stood in stark contrast to life with her mother, but she cherished them just as much.

In the autumn of 1932, the sorting hat put her into Gryffindor. She savored both her adventures with her bolder housemates and quiet hours by the common room fireplace with the few introverts of Gryffindor. Although she performed well enough in her classes, she found it difficult to concentrate on anything that didn’t fascinate her. She struggled particularly with History of Magic, but excelled in Charms, Transfiguration, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. She chose Divination and Ancient Runes as her electives. After surviving her O.W.L.s, she took Charms and Transfiguration as N.E.W.T classes.

After Hogwarts, Zoe set aside her apprenticeship offers from the I.M.C. and the Daily Prophet to join her mother on a journey down the Nile instead. But, now that Enid has taken a post at Hogwarts, Zoe has returned to the United Kingdom as well. She has yet to decide what to do with herself, but lives rather well thanks to her father’s financial support. While she might follow-up on her apprenticeship offers, she also contemplates opening a coffee shop so she can spend her time studying the hearts and minds of individuals, which fascinate her more than anything else.


  • Cosmopolitan
  • Natural Linguist
  • Wealth:Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Are you well-traveled or a foreigner? Perhaps we have met abroad.
  • Were you sorted into Gryffindor? Perhaps we are old friends.
  • Are you looking for an apprentice? She is unemployed and looking to start a career at the Ministry, the Daily Prophet, or as an entrepreneur.


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My mother is a true lioness. She protected me from the dangerous world so I could delight in its beauty and wonder. I am not yet as brave or wise as she, but I hope to be one day. She hopes I will have children of my own soon.


She was the kind and wise one. I called her my summer sister because when I was born, she was about to start her second year at Hogwarts. As I grew up, I only saw her in the summers. I saw her for Christmas Holidays too, but I called those summer too. I liked summer. And, my nephew is beautiful!


He was the mischievous one. I followed him into so much trouble, but he always got me out of it safely. I missed him when he started to go to Hogwarts. I wish we had shared more years together once I followed him, but we always had our summers. Even after he struck out on his own, he always came to visit me. I hope to see him again soon.


My father is so different from mother. Always so few words, with stern lines in his face. But, I could always see the warmth of love in his eyes. He has done all he can to educate and provide for me. I cherished our time together whenever I visited Hong Kong. It could be he spoke so few words because I was always speaking so many.


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