Name: T Arshp
Aliases: Zytek, Gizmo
Birthday: May, 20 1986
Position: Player (GameWiz - Sometimes)
Location: Hell Paso, Texas

About Me

On to exciting stuff! I have been married the love of my life, my wife, for four years. Together we have two amazing kids, my son, just turned three, while my daughter just turned two. They are the light of my world, all three of them.

I was enlisted in the Army, 3rd ID, to be more precise. My MOS was 68W (Health Care Specialist) which is a really fancy way to say Medic. I was part of a Light Infantry Battalion and while Deployed to Iraq, suffered an injury which forced me to be medically retired from the Army. So now I go to school and watch the kids, RP on the MUSH, because my wife is an amazing person and after I was retired, joined the Army.

Now my future goals are, to get my B.A. in History, as I plan to be a History Teacher. I really enjoy giving back and always have felt that you need to pay things forward, so I feel that educating the youth of America will be something that I both enjoy and find rewarding. It has taken me about a year to finally decide on a Major, because I have some rather heavy restrictions on what I can and cannot do, from the VA.

As far as Hobbies, I am still actually learning new hobbies! Mainly because when I was injured I now walk with a cane and before that, I was a very active and outdoorsy person. So currently, I rather enjoy reading, play a bit of video games, I still Geocache! Though not as much as I use too and only with the wife now, since hiking with a cane can be tricky.


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